20 most impressive tiny homes you'll ever see

Tiny homes are all the rage. They are synonymous with living a smaller, richer life without the stress of dealing with a traditional mortgage or working in the rat race like everyone else. What's more? Despite being under 1,000 square feet, they can be luxurious.
We've put together 20 most impressive tiny homes out there. There's even one that has a jacuzzi tub and another with an elevator bed! You'll have to take a tour for yourself to see how these homes are not just practical but a work of art/sheer engineering genius!
1. Tiny New Orleans cottage featuring a jacuzzi tub
This "doll house" looks small from the outside, but its cleverly-designed interior is packed with luxurious details, including a jacuzzi.
2. Handmade tiny home
This bungalow is based on the Cypress design from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and is just a short hike away from a private beach. The home is also fully equipped with all the amenities necessary for an unforgettable weekend getaway.
Take the tour: Handmade tiny home
3. 1920s Wildflower cabin
Take the tour: 1920s Wildflower cabin
4. 2-story houseboat
Enjoy the summery harbor views in style as you settle yourself in your own private deck - there's a gas grill right by those tables if you want to get a barbecue going.
Take the tour: 2-story houseboat
5. Tiny home with oversized kitchen and bathroom
This tiny home — a customized version of the Loft Edition from Tiny Living Ltd. — is stunning from the outside, but the layout is sure to make you swoon. The airy design, ample sunlight, and massive bathroom and kitchen set this trailer apart from the rest.
Take the tour: Oversized tiny home
6. Kvale Hytte cottage
The Cottage Company based in the Pacific Northwest is dedicated to "building pocket neighborhood communities of compact homes" that are functional, attractive, and sustainable. The stunning Kvale Hytte Cottage is just one example of how to live large regardless of square footage.
Take the tour: Kvale Hytte cottage
7. 8 friends built their own tiny neighborhood
Sustainable. Small. Steel. There are no better words to describe the compound near Llano, Texas, and the Llano River that has been dubbed Bestie Row.
8. 399-square-foot park model
Even from the outside, you can see how light and open this wonderful one-story park model is. Huge, almost floor-to-ceiling windows line the four sides amongst the warm, light green, wooden panels of the exterior structure.
9. Remodeled cottage
This cute little blue cottage in Atlanta, Georgia, was remodeled by Carl Mattison Design — a company that handles everything from interior design to full renovations. The once-dilapidated interior now features a soothing light color palette, classic finishes, and gorgeous refinished hardwood floors.
Take the tour: Remodeled cottage
10. Tiny home with vintage furniture
It's called the Rustic Modern Tiny House, and it's so charming inside and out that it's been featured on the television show "Tiny House Nation."
11. Tiny teardrop
A retired woman lives full-time in the tiny teardrop above. It has everything she needs. Take the tour and see for yourself!
Take the tour: Tiny teardrop
12. Tiny home that makes the most of every inch
Matt Wolpe, a strong proponent of the tiny house movement, built the above himself.
13. Athens Park cottage
Athens Park Homes
Despite being around 500 square feet, the above home is large enough to fit a sectional for the entertainment hub and an eat-in kitchen island.
Take the tour: Athens Park cottage
14. Storybook cottage
This charming little cottage looks to have come straight from the pages of a fairy tale, and is aptly named The Storybook Cottage.
Take the tour: Storybook cottage
15. 3-story, 400-square-foot Birdhouse
A combination of artificial and natural light and a beautiful light blue bring the entryway to life.
Take the tour: 3-story Birdhouse
16. 2-story container home
Created from five shipping containers, Debbie Glassberg's home, constructed with the help of BNIM, is a dreamy, two-story residence that looks nothing like the containers it began life as.
Take the tour: 2-story container home
17. Enchanting cabin
The cabin was handcrafted with high-quality large semi-round logs and rustic timber floors.
Take the tour: Enchanting cabin
18. Walden House
This tiny home is filled with such thoughtful details that you won't hesitate to pack your bags and live in the woods.
Take the tour: Walden House
19. Award-winning tiny home
Adam Lehman, a remodeling contractor with more than 15 years of experience, built the award-winning home. The inside is nothing short of breathtaking.
Take the tour: Award-winning tiny home
20. Tiny home with elevator bed
Ana White
This tiny home designed by woodworking genius Ana White is unlike anything we've ever seen.
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