Watch out for an artsy 3-story container home with a style-filled living area

David and Janet take pride of the fact that theirs is the very first container home legally built in New York City.
This sustainable dwelling can be found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and relied on a stack of 320-square-foot (29.7-meter) containers in its construction.
Since their home's doors are open to Airbnb visitors, it's only fair that we take a look around.
At first glance, one might be tricked into thinking that this is just an ordinary urban loft.
But a closer peep reveals that this dwelling is enveloped by recycled shipping containers. The first floor is where guests stay - the hosts live on the second and third levels.
Here's what you get from a single room. True to NYC fashion, this small home packs a punch with its book collection.
A comfy futon has been fitted right between the dining area and kitchen.
A gap between the counter top and cupboard doubles up as storage space for the kitchen utensils. Pretty clever, right? The whiteboard with a map of the city is a nice touch too.
Further ahead, there's a fold-out table for a bit of intimate dining.
But that's not all. In this house, there's always room for one more guest. ​
Speaking of which, there are two beds fitted inside this nifty container loft. This one, adeptly decorated for the Latin lovers among us.
And another, appealing to artistically inclined visitors.
Serene blue tones, with a few splashes of yellow, are the decorative colors of choice in the bathroom.
All the essentials are accounted for. Decorative trinkets add a bit of quirkiness to the bathroom too.
David and Janet excelled at instilling a New York identity into their humble abode. They've set the standard for container homes in the area - it's only a matter of time before others follow suit.
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