Beat a path to this unique ski lodge on wheels

When your company name is Maximus Extreme Living Solutions and your motto is "tiny homes on steroids," then you start the day with very high expectations and trust you can live up to them.
One look at the Max Home shown here, which has been unfairly dubbed the "Tiny Ski Lodge," and you will see just how high those expectations can get and how much the company lives up to its name. This is one extraordinary design for a 240-square-feet house with more than just a few surprises inside and out.
Frankly, this home might as well be dubbed the "Tiny Beach House" or the "Tiny Desert Home" or the "Tiny Love Nest." With two beautiful porch decks, it would certainly be a shame to park this beauty for the summer, even if it is equipped with a crafting room and a wood-fueled hot tub. Simply put, this is way too much house for just one season. Non-skiers, relax. This home tour is for you as well.
This bench is on the porch on the right in the headline photograph. The number posted on the back (31) tells you it's a recycled bench from a ski lift. Keep your tips up, as you approach the landing, folks.
This is the wood-fueled hot tub. Water in the coiled tubes on the right is heated by a wood fire. Then it circulates through the tub, which looks, perhaps appropriately, like a giant soup bowl.
This living room is set up on the loft. The door leads to the porch at the rear of the home.​
Here's a look from further back. If you're observant, you'll notice something every ski lodge must have, which is an acoustic guitar, which is hanging in the left-hand corner of the photograph in the foreground. You'll also notice a patterned set of pale wooden squares in the foreground. Those are the stairs leading to the loft.
There are so many original features to this home, including the stairs that are held up by one center beam with brackets holding each stair landing.
Now this is a kitchen you would find in a ski lodge -- it's handsome and useful, but it's tiny because skiers spend their day walking, talking, thinking, dreaming snow and skis. Food is an afterthought.
The biggest surprise in this tiny ski lodge is right here. It's dubbed the "crafting room." That's skier jargon for "space for checking your bindings, waxing the skis, fixing everything and talking shop." Note the boards hanging from the ceiling.
Oh, yes, this tiny home has a sleeping loft. It's the size of a queen sized bed plus a foot or so ... but that's enough for getting a good night's rest.
The bathroom sink ...
A necessity.
A tiny home this handsome deserves another look. This one, says Max Home, is built on a custom 30-feet long, triple-axle trailer. (Above, you can see the three axles.)
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