Feast your eyes on the personal touches adorning this converted bus's kitchen

Emily and Scott Manning's converted bus dream stemmed out of their insatiable desire to roam freely. Previously, they embarked on a globetrotting journey covering 12 different countries in 12 months. Not long after that, they took a leap of faith and bought a 2000 Orion V bus, which would eventually become their family home.
Since then, their family grew - and the smaller living dream has very much come to fruition. The family continues to relate their feats on their blog, titled Where We Roam, and on Instagram - but we couldn't pass the opportunity to view their incredible home for ourselves.
With that said, let's get our tour going.
Husband, wife, and two kids reside on a 240-square-foot (22.3-square-meter) home. Prior to its beaming makeover, this bus used to be part of the Denver City transport system.
The old exteriors were glazed with a slick coat of white and sky-blue paint to make the bus look good as new.
And the interiors are quite polished too. As you're about to see, it's the smaller touches that make this bus conversion so special.
For their versatile living and dining area, the Mannings chose a fold-out table that can easily be tucked away under the kitchen counters when not in use.
When family and guests are passing through, the couches join forces to create a comfy sleeping space.
Bus, tiny house, or regular home - no family dwelling is ever complete without a set of personal embellishments. This lively corner of the kitchen brings us a handful of sweet little details to feast our eyes on.
On the other side of the kitchen, a bundle of nick-knacks stay true to the family's nomadic affinities.
Bunk beds have been fitted for the comfort of Emily and Scott's little ones. The shelves underneath are a nice touch to this area too.
A master bedroom and a playroom, all-in-one?! Who would have thought! For additional legroom, the couple's bed actually folds back into a wall compartment. Pretty clever, huh?
There's even room for a fold-out desk/coloring station in this area. Fun and efficient, just the way we like it!
The Manning family's bus conversion is quite delightful, don't you think? Every nook and cranny has been composed to maximize its surrounding space, dousing this dwelling with that sense of homeliness that everyone desires for their humble abode.
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