Prepare for the finest carpentry in a tiny home full of surprises

Liberation Tiny Homes is located -- their website proudly proclaims -- "in the heart of beautiful Lancaster County, Pa.," which is widely known as a thriving community of Amish, Mennonite and assorted other farmers, tradespeople, and artisans representing humanistic values and simple lifestyles.
At a glance, then, the Liberation Tiny Homes creation known as the Alpha House is a departure from the salt-box norm of farming community architecture. By appearances, this is not a design handed down from father to son, even though, as company owner James Stoltzfus proudly says, "the carpentry gene runs strong in my family."
Regardless of roots, however, this tiny home is full of surprises and also listed on Airbnb for those who want to experience it firsthand. It is modern, spacious and has the look of a bachelor pad that would work well in any setting from a big city to a farming town. Let's take a look and see what we see.
The interior of this tiny home is spare, purposeful, modest. This aerial view from the sleeping loft shows the kitchen in the background with a half-sized refrigerator along the right wall near the center. There's plenty of light, thanks to the large windows that are evenly spaced throughout.
What lies under the loft is a living room with couches that can be rearranged to become a guest bed. The blond wood contraption on the right is not a bookcase. It's the staircase.
Here's a side view of the staircase. Everything modern, even the handle on the front door is a chrome bar.
Here, the couches are rearranged to form a second bed. You can also see that the bedroom loft has cubical-style shelving that stays stylistically in tune with the staircase.
This is the loft bedroom. This shot shows the back wall terrific shelving and closets. The big windows let in plenty of sunshine.
The reverse view of the upstairs loft.
From the flooring to the cabinets, this tiny house stays modern all the way. Notice the stove has three burners. ​
Everything modern, including the kitchen sink ...
The bathroom is ultra-modern with shiny metal walls. It also has a shower, which is just to the right of the sink, out of view of the photograph.
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