Treat yourself to a tour of a darling tiny house with two spacious bedrooms

The Tiny House Building Company of Fredericksburg, Va., has, frankly, outdone themselves and a lot of the competition in the tiny house building trade with their showstopper, which they aptly call The Mountaineer.
Of course, the Mountaineers is the mascot for the neighboring state, West Virginia, but we'll chalk this one up to regional pride. In addition, this 24-feet long, twin-dormer micro-shelter is a veritable mega-micro-shelter that resembles a mini-mountain range all by itself. Parked in front of a Cabela's outlet as an exhibit, the home is dwarfed by the retail Denali behind it. But most other settings will show that this is a pull-out-all-the-stops design. The twin dormers are like twin peaks that allow for two sleeping lofts, one called the King sleeping loft and the other the Queen.
Let's take a tour of what turns out to be a tongue-and-groove palace made of pine. ​
First, let's take a look all around this beauty. The backside shows that the dormers allow for opposing windows in each loft.
Here's the front porch. This home has distinctly down-home, Appalachian qualities to it. In fact, this porch would look right at home in any mountain region from Georgia to British Columbia.
This view gives you the long side view and the view of the front at the same time.
Tongue-and-groove pine anyone? This home is top-to-bottom tongue-and-groove, giving it a mountain cabin look on the inside.
This view shows the stairs in the background and the ladder in the foreground. These get you to the Queen-sized loft and the King-sized loft, respectively.
Here's a closer view of the storage stairs and a look at the beautiful kitchen. The dull chrome below the counter is the refrigerator. The shiny surface toward the right is the counter top electric stove.
From the company's YouaTube video, here's a shot of the kitchen sink.
Also from YouTube, the King's sleeping loft in a photo shot through that includes the antler-decorated ceiling light in the center of the home.
The Mountaineer's shower and a telltale roll of toilet paper that suggests there is a toilet nearby. There is. The photographer is likely sitting on the throne to take this shot.
Take a more comprehensive look at the Mountaineer in the video below:
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