Wax nostalgic in this tradition-filled 2-bedroom tiny red house

The Mount Hood Tiny House Village, about an hour outside Portland, Ore., features a quaint array of tiny homes for rent all within a golf shot or two from the majestic Mt. Hood National Forest.
With the eye-popping Mount Hood just around the corner, the cherry-red home known as the Scarlett Tiny House is touted for its "farmhouse charm," readily evident in its balanced array of windows, its classic roof lines and a trim white picket fence embracing a diminutive porch.
The homes in this micro-shelter village are made by the Sonoma, Calif.-based Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, which takes its mission of building eco-friendly structures seriously. Let's see what they came up with.
Here's a view of the Scarlett Tiny House that gives you a sense of the setting. This tiny house community is comprised of five different Tumbleweed structures, all of which are oozing with charm. The Scarlett was created off Tumbleweed's Elm model.
This is a great shot of the downstairs. It shows the dining room table in the foreground on the left. In the background, you can see the open door to the bathroom and the door to the downstairs bedroom. You might also notice a second ladder hanging on the wall. That provides access to the second loft, which is above the photographer's head.

Scarlett's coziness is on point.

Posted by Mt. Hood Tiny House Village on Thursday, September 1, 2016
Here's the reverse view. It shows the second loft and the front door. You can also see a flat-screen television in the upper right corner.
In the foreground on the right, you can see the kitchen sink, which appears elongated in this shot.
Another shot of the kitchen gives you a view of the storage cabinets and the counter space.
In a word, this interior may look busy -- almost crowded. But that's part of the charm of a farmhouse. It's not sterile. It's got a lived-in look.
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Actually, this home has two terrific bedrooms. The downstairs room has lots of storage space for clothes and personal items, while the loft allows you to sleep under a terrific skylight for a view of the stars.
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