This houseboat's rustic living area will make you revel in its country simplicity

Dreaming about escaping into a floating wooden cabin? Then your wish is our command!
First, we need to sail along to Richmond in Canada. As we point our compasses toward the city's harbor, we will find a Royal LePage Westside's houseboat that has recently been listed for sale. Now it's only a matter of sailing right into our jackpot.
But before you get anchoring up and settling in, why don't we look at our recently-unveiled treasure? It's only natural to want to see her natural beauty.
Behold, the catamaran houseboat in all her glory. Her name is Partnership 11, and she will be your 52-foot (15.85-meter) long waterside companion.
Cedar siding lines this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom floating home's exteriors, giving her a signature off-the-grid cabin look.
A classic hull will guide us along to the best views of the house.
As we embark on our adventure, we are invited to enjoy a rustic living area.
It really does feel like you've stepped inside a cabin in the woods, doesn't it?
Keeping things as cozy as can be, this houseboat comes with a log burner to snuggle up to during those chilly Canadian winters.
While the living room appeals to tradition, the kitchen/dining area brings modernity to the fore.
Teal counter tops sparkle as we gleefully admire the galley's refined wooden fittings.
As you can see, even the bathroom comes with great views of the marina. Of course, you can close the curtains if you need a bit more privacy.
Walk up the spiraling stairs to reach the upper bedroom. While we're at it, take the time to admire that lovely ceiling fan and its accompanying lights.
The teal contours continue to make a cameo, reminding us that we are indeed residing in a harborside abode.
As we wrap up out home tour, we are compelled to see that this ship's elegance is not an optical illusion: whether we're in the en-suite bathroom or anywhere else on board.
Anyone who thinks that wooden cabins are only fit for the forest has never encountered a floating home like the Partnership 11. She is a Richmond, British Columbia coastal classic just waiting to take a new owner out on an off-grid inspired journey.
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