Try not to covet the insanely gorgeous kitchen that fits in an extraordinary tiny house

If you've been pondering the idea of downsizing to a tiny home, these photos of a luxury tiny home by Tiny Heirloom may topple your decision into the "must-do" column. This stunning home exudes luxury despite its tiny footprint. Built on wheels, this home is cozy and portable!
An outdoor space that can be lifted up if the home needs to be moved provides extra living space, perfect for entertaining family and friends or simply enjoying a cup of tea in the morning.
The beautiful open living space is accented with hardwood floors, large windows, and beautiful custom lighting. The open concept creates the illusion of more space and allows for easy socializing. Even individuals in the loft area can get in on the conversation.
The stunning accent wood walls contrast beautifully with the lighter floors, and a fun barn door adds character and functionality. The loft area is easily accessible via ladder and guests can enjoy plenty of natural lighting from the skylight and large picture window.
The home includes privacy curtains, so it feels secure in the evening. They can easily be pulled up to allow for extra lighting during the day. The cozy seating area also includes a stone fireplace!
While the room looks small, there's plenty of room for a sectional sofa, table and television set. Adjustable blinds make it easy to block out a little light or allow some more in as needed.
Unique hung lighting adds a pleasant glow after the sun goes down. The furnishings in the home pull the entire design together with a feeling of luxurious comfort.
The kitchen includes a beautiful gas range and oven, tucked in the middle of the kitchen. Small counters provide space for a little kitchen prep.
The designers were creative with their kitchen design, opting for a curved layout that takes advantage of one end of the home. Large windows provide plenty of natural light. The kitchen has plenty of counter space and is large enough for full-size appliances.
The beautiful barn doors provide privacy leading into the bathroom and bedroom. The use of these doors provides a cool design element and takes up less floor space than a traditional door.
The stunning bathroom is luxury living at its finest. Beautiful tiling, custom plumbing, and glass doors create a large, spa feeling. Despite being tucked into a small corner, this shower feels elegant and spacious.
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