Don't miss an extraordinary container home with a very soothing surprise in the bathroom

Ever feel like you need to take time to appreciate the things we take for granted? Then today's container home tour is your ideal destination.
Nestled within the forested outskirts of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, this off-grid modular cottage is here to help Airbnb renters become one with some of Canada's best natural escapes. This compelling dwelling is a bit of a local celebrity, too; according to its owner, Victoria, the rental has been featured across a number of local media publications.
Want to see what the hype is all about? Then put on your best hiking shoes, as we're about to trek in this home's general direction.
To make her sustainable vision come true, Victoria hired some of the finest builders and interior designers around. Sea Container Cabin was the company in charge of this construction, which they affectionately dubbed the Octopod.
The interiors were carefully composed by HGTV's Rebecca Purdy (avid tiny living enthusiasts will have seen her in programs like "DIY Disaster" and "House of Bryan").
The living room foreshadows the rest of the home's furnishings, bringing into play a combination of vintage pieces and contemporary adornments. 
In her listing, Victoria states that, while some modern appliances have been installed for a comfortable stay, she wouldn't recommend her home to renters who can't live without luxuries like a dishwasher or microwave.
While it's too early to call it a day, the bedrooms are just ahead. So let's make that our next stop. For the curious stargazers, there's a telescope for you to marvel at the unblemished night skies.
You don't have to go into full hermit mode while staying in this container cottage; it actually has enough rooms and bedding for up to six people. This one in particular looks like something out of a 20th-century dollhouse.
Staying true to the simple side of living, the kitchen prioritizes your basic culinary essentials. After an afternoon of hiking and swimming, why not make a memorable home-cooked meal using the propane stove?
Alternatively, there's a barbecue grill outside, so you can continue to relish the outdoors until the sun goes down.
For those nights you feel like dining in, a rustic table with a modern twist is ready to satisfy your cravings.
You've probably seen house listings describing bathrooms as "spa-like." Well, this Airbnb rental takes things literally. We're concluding our container home travels by taking the time to soak up the soothing sauna steam before we part ways with this impressive dwelling.
When you feel like escaping your urban woes, this off-grid cottage will welcome you with open arms. Sustainable and beautifully designed, the Octopod is bound to remind us all to savor the natural side of living.
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