Feel right at home in a unique floating home's charming living room

Amsterdam is a world leader in houseboat rentals and floating homes. This one, in particular, can be found in the Amstel River's Eastern Canal belt, not too far away from the city center.
The one-bedroom rental is ideal for couples or solo travelers wanting to make their Dutch tourist experience that much more remarkable. Visitors are able to stay up to 21 nights in an interesting dwelling that defies traditional houseboat design conventions.
Curious? So are we. Let's set our sights on the flowing canals to discover this floating home's wonderful additions.
This houseboat's terrace/deck area is the ideal spot for observing the passing boats and picturesque scenery.
For a more practical boating experience, there is a dinghy you can use to traverse the calming waters.
Enter this floating home to encounter a comfortable living area, where you can wind down, watch a bit of TV, read a book or simply admire the vistas from indoors.
Is there anything more European than a piano accordion?
Something about the juxtaposition of distinct, arguably dissonant, elements - like wall art, the aforementioned musical instrument, chandelier and a glass table - seems to work really well in the dining room.
A full kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, stove with oven, range hood, and coffee maker will supplement your culinary needs in style.
After a long day of sightseeing and exploring, Amsterdam's happy tourists can enjoy a cozy bedroom with a double bed.
The houseboat's hospitable owners also ensure that linen and towels are provided to guests at no additional cost.
Speaking of towels, the bathroom is fitted with plenty of modern amenities too. Next to the shower there is a washing machine and a standalone dryer - quite unique for a houseboat, as space restrictions often mean you need to depend on a single machine for both.
White tiles, cabinetry, and fixtures make the bathroom bright, fresh and welcoming.
Travelers to Amsterdam will marvel at the houseboat rentals that they will encounter along their journey. As you can see by the floating dwelling above, the Amstel river brings us more than a piece of this cultural capital's history - it also houses incredible lodgings that will make all visitors feel right at home.
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