See how a family of 9 comfortably sleeps in a lovely converted bus's bedrooms

Buy a big yellow bus. Repaint, refurbish, relocate the entire family. It may sound like a story you've heard before - but not in the way we're telling it today.
You see, relocating a small family into a converted bus is simple enough. A family of nine, though? You wouldn't think it'd be possible.
Well, Shane and Julie set out to prove us all wrong.
Throughout Shane's life, the nomadic mobile experience was at the forefront of his endeavors. Rediscovering his religious faith led him to encounter the love of his life, Julie, whose affinity for an adventure was a great match to his own. Combining all of this with their carpentry experience, the creative couple quickly took to the idea of converting a bus into their dream family home.
Fast forward 6 years and the family primarily lives in the completed mobile dwelling. The greatly named Good News Bus is now ready to transport all small living enthusiasts to an epic adventure. Hop on to join us as we take a family trip of a lifetime.
For their new home, Shane and Julie opted to refurbish a 1995 Genesis School bus that they found on Ebay. The couple made a full day's trip from Alabama to Louisiana to collect it.
Climb through the new and improved staircase to enter the family home. We're not exaggerating when we say that Shane and Julie stripped the bus bare to start anew - even the original plywood sub-floor was given a much-needed revamp.
The Good News Bus project began in March 2009. By December this family mobile home was on the road, taking Shane, Julie their 7 kids all the way to Canada.
The interiors are made of varnished plywood. A custom-made dinette easily accommodates this large family whenever they're dining in.
Likewise, the kitchen has oak plywood cabinets. It also comes with a four-burner stove, oven, a range hood among all your kitchen essentials.
Would anyone care to stop for a few cinnamon rolls? According to Shane, Julie is just as skillful a baker as she is in carpentry and construction.
The complete bathroom comes with shower and toilet, though we only have a picture the former to show.
Wondering how one fits 7 children inside a bus? Well, a room with bunk-bed compartments seems to be the best way to go.
For the hardworking parents, a bit of privacy is established in their master bedroom.
A master bedroom that not only is spacious enough to fit a bed in-between the size of a queen and king but comes with a master closet too.
Downsizing is never easy, especially when you have kids. But this family shows that a bit of ingenuity will bring The Good News for those who are looking for the converted bus experience.
Bonus: Want an even closer glimpse at the family and their Good News Bus? Then check out the video below. You can always follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram too.
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