7 pieces of space-saving furniture for easy entertaining

If you live in a small home, you might find it a bit stressful to have company over - especially when they drop by unexpectedly! A lot of problems can crop up when entertaining in a small space, whether seating is limited or you just have nowhere to hang jackets.
However, entertaining in a small house doesn't have to be a horribly stressful experience. In fact, if you make sure to get the right furniture, hosting guests in your tiny home can even be enjoyable!
1. Extended windowsill
You'll barely notice this shelf when it's tucked under the windowsill, but it's sure to come in handy every time you have company. Use it as a mini bar or a snack table for a party, or turn it into a designated spot for people to leave purses and jackets! Instructions to make it can be found on Martha Stewart.
2. Flip-down coat hook
This sleek little coat hook is barely noticeable when not in use, but it can hold up to five jackets. The streamlined style of the piece is based on the types of design often used in the aviation industry, and it's available for purchase from Umbra.
3. A mini bar disguised as a side table
This clever little mini bar sold on CB2 looks like a simple end table when it's closed up, but it's far more than that! The lid can be flipped down to reveal whatever wonderful bottle collection you have, and it double as a handy ledge to rest your glass on.
4. Expandable console table
Expandable tables are nothing new, but this one crunches up into a tiny console table when it's not needed to seat guests! Push it up against the wall, and it can serve as a handy desk or even as a dining spot for one. It can be purchased from Gautier.
5. Wall mounted bar
If you want a home bar but can't justify the space a traditional bar would take up, try out a fold-up wall mounted bar like this one available from Remodelista! The hinged panel door doubles as a workspace when folded down, and the interior of the cupboard has space for all your favorite drink necessities.
6. Nesting tables
Nesting tables are the gold standard in small space entertaining, and with good reason! Three tables fit into the space of one, but all three can be pulled out and used when company comes around. This gorgeous set can be purchased from Amazon here.
7. Console table with stool storage
This option is perfect if you like the idea of a dining table that turns into a console table, but don't have room in your home to store extra chairs. Michael from New York shared this DIY project with Apartment Therapy; he turned a dropleaf table into the console table seen here, and purchased stools from Ikea that fit perfectly under the folded table!
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