6 really cozy little log cabin floor plans

Nothing evokes images of crackling wood fires and cozy quilted beds the same way log cabins do, and building this type of home on a secluded piece of land would be a dream come true for many people.
Because of their rustic look and generally straightforward layout, log cabins go hand in hand with simplicity. These floor plans prove that they also fit perfectly with the idea of tiny house living!
1. Rustic getaway with large porch from Architectural Designs
This plan from Architectural Designs measures only 360 square feet (33 square meters), but a large porch extends the living area to include the outdoors. Downstairs, the living room takes up the right hand side of the room, while an L-shaped kitchen and a bathroom with a shower are found on the left. The sleeping quarters upstairs can be accessed by climbing a ship's ladder, and a large closet is found here as well.
2. Comfortable two bedroom home from DIY Cabins
Measuring 960 square feet (89 square meters), this plan from DIY Cabins boasts two bedrooms and two bathrooms that make sharing the living space easy. An open concept kitchen, dining room, and living room are found in the center of the home, and the bedrooms and bathrooms on either side of the house are mirror images of each other. A covered porch at the front of the house rounds out the design.
3. One bedroom cabin with study from ePlans
This home from ePlans comes in at 960 square feet (89 square meters), and it has porches at both the front and the back for easy outdoor access. An open concept great room and kitchen occupy the right hand side of the house, while the bedroom, study, and bathroom can be found on the left hand side. A small laundry area can be found just across the hall from the study, and vaulted ceilings give the home a nice, open feel.
4. Imposing cabin with wraparound porch from House Plans
Thanks to the gorgeous exposed beams at the front, this design from House Plans looks far more intimidating than you'd expect from its 689 square foot (64 square meter) interior. Enter the home through the door on the wraparound porch and you'll find yourself in a hallway that leads to the bedroom on the right and the bathroom on the left, and continue straight through to access the open concept living/dining area and kitchen.
5. Simple woodland retreat from Architectural Designs
This plan from Architectural Designs is simple, but it measures 595 square feet (55 square meters) to ensure you have plenty of living space. A covered porch leads to a large, open living area that can be arranged however you choose, and the back of the house is taken up with a sizable sleeping area. Upstairs, a loft with a low ceiling provides more than enough storage space.
6. Compact cabin with loft from Family Home Plans
At only 201 square feet (19 square meters), this design from Family Home Plans is only for those interested in truly tiny living. The first floor of the home consists of a simple, square living space that can be personalized according to the resident's wishes. A sleeping loft is located upstairs above the covered porch, and it can be accessed via ladder.
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