This breezy converted garage is the guest house of your dreams

It's hard to believe this cool coastal retreat was once a dingy and dark garage. Designed by Beth Dana Design in Santa Barbara, Calif., her goal is to breathe life into the homes she decorates. As her website puts it, "She creates soulful spaces that combine beauty, comfort, and functionality, as well as a feast for the senses.­­"
This garage turned backyard sanctuary is no exception. The tiny space manages to include a living room, loft bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette. White walls and vaulted ceilings make the space feel airy and bright. The open garage doors invite the inside in, making it a tropical oasis. Check out the whole guest house below.
Two double garage doors lead into the open concept living room. Bright sky lights let the natural light pour in, while natural wood accents keep the space warm and inviting.
When closed, the garage doors add rustic charm to the home. A small folding set of table and chairs can be moved around inside or out for convenience.
When open, the garage doors let in that cool coastal breeze and allow gorgeous views of the surrounding yard and citrus trees.
The small kitchenette is a functional and organized space with a mini fridge, sink, microwave, and other countertop cooking appliances. Farmhouse pendant lights add a stylish touch.
The bathroom utilizes a space-saving pedestal sink and more farmhouse style lighting above the mirror. A wire basket provides chic storage for extra towels.
Towel hooks are a great alternative to a towel rack when space is limited. Open shelving provides storage while still allowing the space to feel open.
The ladder in the living room leads up to a cozy sleeping loft. Simple lighting and white bedding keep the space feeling effortless and clean.
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