7 clever pieces of furniture to keep your home clutter free

There's nothing nicer than coming home to a tidy house at the end of the day, but not all of us are able to make that happen. Papers get dumped on the counter, toys get strewn all over the floor, and you might not even remember the last time your bathroom counter was completely bare!
Yes, clutter is a problem - and it can be even harder to fight when you live in a tiny home. Start turning your space into a mess-free zone with one of these space-saving clutter-busting solutions.
1. Filing chest that doubles as a bench
Filing cabinets are the best way to eliminate paper clutter from your home, but they don't have to be bulky and ugly. This one from Build Basic has plenty of room for your important documents, and it's stylish and attractive as well. Throw some pillows on top, and it can even be used as extra seating!
2. Coffee table with storage
Books, magazines, TV remotes, candle lighters... these are only a few of the things that can clutter up the tops of coffee tables. Make your home feel way tidier by getting a coffee table with space to stash everything under the surface. This one has extra drawers in addition to the space found under the sliding top, and it can be purchased from Amazon.
3. Electronics charging station
Nothing says 'clutter' like a giant tangle of charging cords, so do yourself a favor and hide them away in a charging station! This tutorial from Four Generations One Roof shows you an easy way to convert a bread box into a handy unit that will keep all of your cords tucked out of sight.
4. Window seat storage bins
The handy fabric bins in this cute little window seat by Thrifty and Chic give you a ton of space to stash your kids' toys or anything else that doesn't need to be out in plain sight. The benches are simply cube shelves flipped on their sides!
5. A super slim filing cabinet
If you can't seem to free your counter of piles of important papers, try this clever solution from Fine Home Building. By adding a cabinet door and a bit of slanted shelving, they turned a recess in a kitchen cabinet into a special hiding place for papers.
6. Bathroom mirror with side pullout shelves
This clever bathroom mirror seen on Midwest Living has side pull-out shelves that give you a place to hide all the toiletries that might otherwise be cluttering up your bathroom counter. Unlike most bathroom mirror shelving, this one doesn't require you to be constantly opening and closing the mirror while getting ready!
7. Drawers under the stairs
If you have a house full of clutter and a ton of wasted space under the stairs, try out this solution from Avar Furniture. Sliding cupboards with shelves will give you room to hide everything from shoes to cookbooks to board games!
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