Welcome to this bohemian, funky 1985 converted bus

Located only a mile away from the sparkling Pacific Ocean, Blake's Airbnb listing gives you a glimpse into the life of a creative, mindful, performer, poet, and artist who has converted a 1985 bus into an eclectic ocean hideaway (first for the artist herself, and now as a rental for guests to the area.)
There's no mistaking right away that an artist lives nearby...from the detailed, colorful murals painted on the bus itself to other pops of paint and color throughout the bus, you'll definitely feel like you're living and breathing Blake's artistic sensibilities! As you enter the bus, you'll immediately notice the bright red and lime green interior.
At the front of the bus, you'll notice a small sitting/living area complete with a couch, end table, and lamp. Funky wall art and bold decorations give the bus even more visual interest.
The front of the bus also houses the wood stove, keeping things cozy and warm in the cooler months.
As you walk further into the bus you'll see a small, functional kitchenette. The kitchenette contains a sink, stove/range, and refrigerator; everything you need to prepare quick meals, coffee, and snacks. The tiled countertops give the kitchen a unique, beachy look. And yes, the bus offers hot water, though the appliances do run on solar power, making the bus energy efficient and planet friendly!
The hallway includes additional storage options, and leads to the back of the bus, which houses the master bedroom. A cute, custom built wooden seat offers a cozy nook at the bedroom's entrance.
The bedroom offers a comfortable, plush, queen-sized bed, and the brightly colored interior gives the room life. Built-in bookshelves, curtains, and colorful wall art add homey touches to the space.
So you're probably wondering where the bathroom is. The bus doesn't include an on-board bathroom, but there is a cute exterior bathroom right outside the bus. This adorable, hand painted door will lead you right to it.
The bathroom features a toilet and overhead cabinet. There's also a stand-up shower outside the bus.
One of the cutest features of this setup are the "his" and "hers" hand painted bathtubs outside of the bus!
If you're ready to go off the grid for a few days, get back to the land, and enjoy a stay near the ocean, this bus is for you. And nothing could beat this beautiful sunset!
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