7 pieces of furniture to help you create a mini mudroom

If you live in a tiny home,you might think that having a proper mudroom is an unattainable dream. Is it really worth making room for something so unglamorous in your already-cramped living quarters? It definitely is. In fact, mudrooms are even more essential in tiny homes than in giant ones.
If you don't have a designated place to keep your outerwear, it can end up taking over your home! A mudroom won't even take up that much space if you do it right - just pick one or two pieces of space-saving furniture and you'll be good to go. Here are some great ideas to get you started.
1. Wall-mounted shoe rack
Nobody likes tripping a pile of shoes when they step through the doorway. The solution? This sleek little shelf that takes up hardly any space. It's unbelievably easy to make, and you can learn how it's done from Style by Emily Henderson. Add a coat hook or two to keep your jackets looking tidy, and you'll be set!
2. Two-in-one coat rack and shoe shelves
No closet in your home? No problem. This adorable little coat rack from Atelier de Curiosite will give you all the storage space you need for your outerwear. Plus, the functional, sleek design makes it a great space saver.
3. Folding seat
Few things are more annoying than not having a place to sit down and put on your shoes when you're rushing out the door. Save yourself from awkwardly hopping around with one shoe on and get a folding seat that you can install right by your door! You can purchase this one from Skandium.
4. A slim, multi-purpose table
Whether you want to add some visual interest to your home or you simply need a place to stash your keys, gloves, and shoes, this nifty little table will do the trick. It's small enough to fit in tiny spaces, but big enough to still be functional! Plans for the project can be found on Tidbits.
5. Shoe storage bench
This beautiful bench will ensure you never have to sort through a messy pile of shoes again, and it even gives you a place to sit down and put them on once you've found the perfect pair. You can purchase it from Overstock here.
6. Storage cubbies
This project from Reality Day Dream is perfect for people who have a mountain of tiny accessories they don't know how to organize. Keep your scarves and hats right where you need them with this clever cubby system! It fits unobtrusively in the corner, and holds a ton of stuff.
7. Rotating shoe rack
If you have more shoes than you think your space can hold, you probably need a rotating shoe rack. They're a great way to put your corner space to work, and they hold more shoes than you'd ever think possible! This one is for sale by Plow & Hearth, but you can also learn how to make something similar from Remodelaholic.
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