7 handy hidden beds

When it comes to furniture that's non-negotiable in any home, beds are pretty high up on the list. No matter how much of a minimalist you are, you need somewhere to lay your head at night!
Luckily, you don't have to be stuck with a giant bed that takes up half the floor space in your tiny house. There are a ton of creative options that will allow you to reveal your sleeping space only when it's needed! Here are some of the best.
1. A bed that hides in the ceiling
As this clever bed from Espace Loggia proves, there's no rule that says the wall is the only place a bed can hide. The design functions effortlessly; all you have to do is press a button and the bed will float up to the ceiling.
2. A bed that hides in the floor
If a bed on the ceiling doesn't feel like a good fit for your home, try directing your attention downwards instead. The design firm Gosplan came up with this idea for a home in Italy, and it's great for anyone who doesn't mind sleeping at ground level. When the bed's not in use, simply close the lid to get a ton of extra floor space!
3. Sleep on your coffee table
We bet you've never seen coffee table storage like this before! The folded-up table contains everything you need for a good night's sleep: mattress, sheets, comforter and pillow. You probably wouldn't want this to be the only bed in your home, but it's a great option for when you have guests. Learn how to make it from Rockler!
4. Hide your bed behind your bookshelves
This is the ultimate in stylish bed secrecy. The bi-fold bookcases simply fold out of the way when it's time for bed, but you'd never guess what was hidden behind them! As a bonus, it gives you a ton of storage space that won't be disturbed even when you pull the bed down. It can be purchased from More Space Place.
5. A pull-out bed
This clever pull-out bed is hidden under the floor in a 150 square foot tiny home that's currently being rented out by its owners on Tiny House Listings. It perfectly maximizes the floor space in the home, and when its tucked away nobody will be able to tell whether or not you made your bed!
6. Murphy bed in a cabinet
The murphy bed is a classic, and with good reason. They're simple to install, take up very little floor space, and can be designed to look like almost anything. This classy unit seen on Houzz appears to be a nice set of cabinets, but the sky is the limit when it comes to disguising this kind of bed!
7. Sleep where you dine
The cleverly named Slumberdine by Spaceman is a great option for tiny homes. It gives you a dining table and a full size bed in the space normally occupied by just a table! The best part? Anything you have on the table can stay just the way it is when you pull the bed down, thanks to the clever technology that lowers the table into place under the bed.
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