Step inside this spacious San Diego container home: Its kitchen is darling

One of the first container homes in San Diego, this 800 square foot home was created from three shipping containers for Mike and Shawn McConkey from Obrarchitecture. The open-concept home is environmentally friendly, and even uses flame-retardant materials due to the location of the home, where fires are more commonplace than other locations.
The home may be small but it's not lacking in features and amenities, including plenty of doors that can stay open when desired to let in air and available light, creating an airy, inviting space. In this photo, a garage door retracts to let fresh air inside the home.
The kitchen offers everything you need to prepare meals: a full-sized refrigerator, oven/range, stainless steel sink, and plenty of counter space. Overhead cabinets, built-in shelves, and cupboards provide necessary storage, and IKEA appliances and kitchen items helped rein in costs. Mike McConkey has a degree in architectural engineering, and his experience was integral in creating the home and coming up with cost efficient and space saving ideas, like a small dining table perfect for two.
The house also contains a small living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom.
The flooring, doors, and the vanity in the bathroom were all found at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
The vanity adds a rustic charm to the bathroom.
A built-in deck provides the perfect place to sit and unwind in the evenings.
On a warm, breezy, California night, you can't beat sitting inside this charming container home enjoying the evening in this cozy home that's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. With a breathtaking view of the mountains and the closeness to local hiking trails, it's a naturist's dream!
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