7 space-savvy seating solutions

Tiny homes come with a unique set of challenges, and one of the biggest is figuring out how to squish in enough seating to accommodate your family and any guests that come by. You don't want your house to be overflowing with chairs, so what do you do?
Every problem has a solution, and this one has a whole bunch. These 7 awesome pieces of furniture prove that it's possible to have stylish, functional seating that can fit everyone without taking up your entire home!
1. Chairs that tuck under your sofa
If you're the kind of person who likes having movie nights with your friends, you need this chair from Jebiga. Two comfy chairs pull out from underneath the sofa, ensuring nobody will ever have to sit on the floor!
2. Five stools cleverly disguised as an ottoman
This ingenious little ottoman designed by Resource Furniture is an awesome solution for small homes; it can seat up to 5 people. Each side of the ottoman pulls off to function as a handy, comfortably-padded stool for when you have guests!
3. Sturdy stackable stools
With these solid cedar stools from Archiproducts, you get two seats in one. The stools fit together perfectly thanks to the zig-zag shape of the base, and they're just as sturdy on their own as they are together.
4. Vintage swivel stools
If you have a bit of room under your kitchen island, you should consider installing some swivel stools like these clever ones seen on House Beautiful. They take up zero extra space, and are great for seating kids and adults alike.
5. Built-in banquette drawers
This cozy breakfast nook shown on the Home Depot Blog is perfect for small spaces; it provides loads of handy storage room! You can stash board games and blankets in the drawers for after-dinner fun, or simply use the extra space to keep your kitchen clutter-free.
6. Storage ottomans as kitchen chairs
The awesome chairs in this dining room set hide a ton of storage space under their comfy seats. Plus, they tuck away perfectly under the table when not in use, ensuring that everything looks neat and tidy! You can buy them from Amazon here.
7. Pull-out bench seating
Seen on Domino, this awesome bench photographed by LaLaLovely simply looks like part of your kitchen island when not in use. It's the perfect way to ensure you have tons of extra seating when guests drop by!
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