Tour this 2-story tiny home, made from shipping containers

Tiny houses have become a coveted living option for those looking to explore a more flexible lifestyle that doesn’t tie them down with a hefty mortgage. This innovative compact house, The Boho Box Hop, is a glowing example of how style doesn’t need to be compromised when it comes to designing a small, simple home.
Nestled in the woods of Ohio’s Rockbridge, this dreamy salvation is an invitation to breathe in the great outdoors and take things one step at a time. With minimal distractions, bright stars, and just the quiet hum of the forest, this tiny house is a utopian weekend away for both city dwellers and the more serene crowd.
The two-story tiny home was repurposed from intermodal shipping containers to create a luxurious sanctuary tucked away in the Hocking Hills region. With most self-proclaimed tiny homes measuring the span of an average apartment, it would be safe to assume that tight quarters are a must when drastically downsizing, although this “tiny” house isn’t so tiny after all.
Utilizing height, the creative architect managed to turn some metal boxes into a warm, inviting abode with retro flair. This home went from box to dreamy home thanks to ample windows, high-end decor, and unique furnishings.
Mixing modern and retro isn’t an easy feat, but between the sharp exterior and warm furnishings, the team of designers nailed it. The simple color tones of the home, both inside and out, ensure minimalism is a top priority.
While the width of a shipping container isn’t too flexible, windows can trick the eye into thinking a space is far more open than it really is. One wouldn’t assume natural light would beam into a home constructed of corten steel walls, but this cabin keeps it light and bright. The galley kitchen preserves an open and airy main floor, as do the modern mixed material stairs leading to the sunlit lofted bedroom.
Elongated with windows of all shapes and a rug exuding warm hues, the first floor stretches far with a sitting area (which doubles as a bed) on one side and the restroom on the other. Above the window outlining the farmhouse sink sits a long wooden open shelf displaying a farmhouse chicness while offering expansive storage space. Turn washing the dishes or cooking on the 4-burner gas range stove into a meditative experience with this decluttered layout overlooking the lush yard.
Tiny homes are all about utilizing space, and this unique structure does that to an impressive degree. From floating shelves to hidden compartments, no nooks and crannies go unused here. With more counter space than one is likely to find in most metropolitan studio apartments, there is endless opportunity to stir up wholesome meals and slow mornings by the window.
It should be easy to keep the existing counter space clear considering the plethora of drawers and cabinets for cooking gadgets.
The compact kitchen makes producing meals a breeze, and it’s just a bonus that there are beautiful features to marvel at, like golden faucets, sleek cabinet handles, and a funky white tiled backsplash.
The cozy window seat serves multiple purposes; lounging with a book, a dining table, storage, and a pull-out bed. The bench seats also lift up to reveal plenty of storage that’s great for extra linens and blankets, and the same goes for the discrete seat and additional floating shelves beneath the open staircase.
The stairs lead to the relaxing bedroom where guests will find a tranquil place to rest amongst the backdrop of trees. The lofted room really sets this tiny house apart with a stunning ambiance and a balcony towering over the surrounding greenery.
A beautiful skylit ceiling makes for ideal evenings of stargazing, but the natural light doesn’t end there. Huge windows surround the bedroom from all angles, making the peaceful wooded vista the home’s artwork.
The bathroom offers spa-level tranquility with both a shower and a claw foot tub illuminated by multiple wide windows.
The warm wooden walls, floral wallpaper, pristine golden fixtures, and porcelain appliances make it hard to believe this stunning sleek home was once nothing more than a dark, cold shipping container.
And, of course, the washroom wouldn’t be complete without not one, but two skylights.
Being tucked away in the woods doesn’t mean you have to compromise amenities. This impressive tiny house has all the conveniences of a traditional home such as a washer and dryer and even a TV tucked above the full-size refrigerator.
Complete with a wood stove, this cozy tiny house has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Funky hexagon tiles pair perfectly with the rustic wooden floorboards and are scattered throughout the home in the bathroom and kitchen as well.
With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking 18.5 acres of wooded land, this house is essentially an oasis. The vast woods will feel like a never-ending backyard, but the designated patio area will make visitors feel cozy and right at home. With lounge chairs, a stylish outdoor chiminea, a gas grill, and a hot tub, there will be no reason to ever leave this haven.
The unique exterior is elegant and contemporary, yet hardly resembles its past life as a shipping container. The corrugated siding of the steel structure remains, but the added wooded paneling and angled roof transformed this home into a whole new vision. The noir window panes help the many large windows pop amongst the white-painted walls.
Despite the desolate region, there’s no need to get the spooks when staying at this humble abode. The backyard and encircling areas are lined with solar lights that brighten a stroll at any time of day.
This incredible home proves that tiny houses concentrating on compact living aren’t just a fad – they’re here to stay!