Walk inside this charming park model RV. You'll want to move in right away

The interest in living in a tiny home has steadily increased in the past few years. One of the main reasons for this is that people want to live a simpler life. In a tiny home, you have your essentials.
Opting to purchase a tiny home is financially more sustainable compared to a traditional house. The expenses associated with owning a house decrease when you have a smaller space. One cannot also discount the fact that is it easier to maintain and clean a tiny home.
The Cardinal is one of the best-selling models at Recreational Resort Cottages & Cabins. Sales Manager Mike Timmons shares that this particular home measures 399 square feet, 15 feet wide and 40 feet long. Owners can fully customize them according to their preferences.
The look of a standard tiny home model changes completely depending on how you choose to decorate your home. The owner of this tiny home chose white as the base while black and brown were used as accent colors for the exterior. It has a copper metal roof as well as copper skirting. The steps leading into the house were custom-made. It complements the tortoise brown composite decking.
Curtains were added on each side of the six feet front porch, which can easily be drawn when the owner wants a bit more privacy. A pair of wooden chairs with rockers sitting on the porch and a black, five-blade exterior ceiling fan makes it easy for the owner and his visitors to enjoy the outside even on a warm sunny day.
When you step inside into the living area, you will immediately notice the wide double windows that let the sunshine in, as well as the clerestory windows on top. LED lighting was also used throughout this space. The ceiling fan with white blades matches the white walls. The owner decided to utilize dorm room size furniture to maximize the space.
There's an L-shaped, dark-colored couch with bright-colored throw pillows, a round coffee table, and a low, gray upholstered wide chair with slim armrests. A patterned gray and blue rug sections off this area from the rest of the house. A flat-screen television is mounted on the wall and right below it is a fireplace. The owner decided to make his home a smart home, which is powered by Google throughout.
A white Carrara marble-topped island separates the living area from the kitchen. The all-white themed kitchen has a porcelain white farmhouse sink, Nantucket white upper cabinets, microwave, four-burner stove and oven, a classic white two-door refrigerator as well as a front-load stackable washing machine and dryer.
There is additional storage space on top of the washer and dryer. There´s also a pullout board in between the two machines, which is handy for folding your clothes as you take them out of the dryer.
A space-saving pocket door was utilized as the entrance to the bathroom. The cabinets on top of the countertop are painted white while the ones below are dark blue. You might notice that the countertop extends above the toilet, providing some additional storage space. A clerestory window right above the toilet allows natural light to filter in while the frosted glass window with a leaf pattern adds character to the room.
The owner chose to have curtains instead of a glass shower door to section off the bathtub and shower combo. Two hanging pegs were installed on the wall nearby, perfect for hanging towels or a change of clothes.
Pocket door number two in this house leads into the bedroom. A queen-sized bed is the focal point of the room. A nightstand fits snugly on both sides of the bed with identical table lamps. Just like in the rest of the house, clerestory windows were used to enable natural daylight in.
For privacy, the owner decided to put curtains that were custom-made since he could not find any in stores that would fit the ceiling to floor length that he wanted. The chandelier that hangs right on top of the bed adds the “wow” factor in the cozy room.
A unique feature that the owner decided to add to his house is the eight-foot porch at the rear of the house that’s spacious enough to accommodate three wide, low-back cushioned lounge chairs and tall potted plants and greenery that bring nature even closer to home. The back porch is screened around the sides as well as underneath, and just like in the front porch, curtains were installed to provide privacy if so desired. A custom ceiling fan gives welcome relief during hotter days while a LED fireplace delivers warmth during colder nights.