Tour these arched tiny homes: A DIY kit can cost less than $1,500

Is it your dream to never worry about a mortgage and embrace tiny home living? That dream just became a whole lot easier. Meet Arched Cabins, a family-owned and operated tiny home business based in Cypress, Texas. The company designs, manufactures, and ships cost-effective, attractive, easy-to-assemble tiny home kits all around the United States.
The tiny home kits are manufactured in Texas and can be put together within 6 to 12 weeks of ordering. The cost begins under $1,500, starting at $1,440 for 64 square feet. That square footage can go a long way. People use arched cabins not just as tiny homes but also as workshops, RV shelters, retirement homes, granny pods, man caves, or she sheds.
The company also is very eco-friendly. The roof is made from 32% to 50% recycled steel and comes in 23 Energy Star rated colors. The cabin also comes with a minimum of R13 insulation for energy conservation.
Arched Cabins
But what does the inside look like? Let's take a tour of this green arched tiny home.
Arched Cabins
The interiors can be customized in different styles. This particular cabin features more rustic charm with wood tones. There's a staircase leading up to the bedroom area and distinct living, dining, and kitchen areas.
Arched Cabins
The design of the space is both stylish and functional. For example, pots and pans are hung up to save kitchen space but still be each to reach when cooking.
Arched Cabins
The upstairs bedroom serves as a peaceful, sweet retreat.
Arched Cabins
If you prefer, take a relaxing bath in the tub instead. Yes, you can still enjoy your fancy tub even in a tiny home.
If you are looking for a more modern design, the following photos showcase additional styles offered by Arched Cabins.
Arched Cabins
The space above not only can fit a sectional sofa but the kitchen counter also doubles as a breakfast/dining bar.
Arched Cabins
Going tiny doesn't mean sacrificing on high-end appliances. Check out this modern conventional oven.
The possibilities are endless with Arched Cabins. When you purchase a cabin kit, each kit includes a build manual, floor plates, ribs, ridge beam, standard R13 insulation for the arched walls, metal roof paneling, ridge cap, rubber trim and foam inserts to use by the end caps, and color coordinated fasteners needed to assemble the cabin.
These arched cabins are perfect for those who seek the freedom and pride of building their own tiny home. While it requires effort to assemble these cabins, Arched Cabins certainly shows it's very much worth it.
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