This 1.7 million mobile home has a built-in garage. The interior is beyond good

A motorhome doesn't usually suggest luxury living. But for those with a big dream (and an even bigger budget), you can have a truly decadent experience while you drive around. The Volkner Mobil Performance S is the latest model in a long line of high-end motor homes and gives a 5-star experience while you're on the move.
The 40-foot vehicle contains everything you may need to vacation in style, including a large bed, modern kitchen, heated bathroom, and lounge area.
Stefan Peine / YouTube
But the true showstopper is the inbuilt garage. You can house any car within your motorhome using the hydraulic lift. We're just itching to look inside.
The lounge area is a true beauty. The stylish yellow finishes give a cool, retro, '80s vibe to your living space, and there's plenty of comfy seating and storage. Whether you're settling down to dinner or relaxing while watching the world go by outside your window, there's nowhere we'd rather be sitting.
The kitchen is equally impressive. From the massive amounts of storage to all the latest appliances (including a dishwasher), this is a kitchen that would be of high quality for a house - never mind for a motor home. Any aspiring chef would love to make use of this area to whip up a family feast or even a solo snack.
Almost as amazing as the kitchen appliances has to be this stunning storage cupboard. The light-up wine glass shelves make every day feel like a dinner party. The warm wooden finish gives an elegant look to this hugely practical feature.
The bedroom follows the same '80s art deco style as the rest of the motorhome's interior, with a waved wooden divan and wooden wall paneling. Your sleeping area is tucked away in a cozy nook, and there's a handy vanity and sink right beside your bed.
The bed itself is the star of the show. It's double-size, meaning it can comfortably sleep one or two adults and is kitted out with the softest and coziest linens. If you thought you couldn't get a good night's sleep while on the road, this motorhome is designed to prove you wrong!
Another area where the motorhome offers a touch of luxury is the bathroom. There's a fully functioning toilet, sink, and shower, and to make things even more comfortable, the entire room is heated. The design is simple and chic, and you can enjoy a spectacular light show while showering in style.
But perhaps the most amazing feature of this stunning motorhome has to be the built-in garage. It's designed to fit almost any car, and the hydraulic lift ensures your vehicle can be housed safely while you're on your travels. It's an undeniably impressive feature on an already incredible vehicle.
So if you're wanting to get out on the open road, but were concerned about how comfortable travel could be, this Volker Mobil Performance S could be the answer to your prayers. Check out the video below for the live tour.

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