How an Australian student and her pooch live full-time in a renovated Nissan bus

When Rhiannon bought her first home, it needed a bit of work. The twenty-something Australian nabbed a 1990 model Nissan Civilian bus for just $3,000, then gutted the interior and created her dream tiny house.
In about six months, Rhiannon was able to renovate her bus "Mintie" for about $18,000 by utilizing recycled materials and enlisting her family's help for labor. Now, she travels the country full time in her beloved home.
On the exterior, Rhiannon chose a crisp peppermint hue on the bottom paired with a bright white on top.
Tinted windows with extra fly screens are able to keep the interior cool when she heads to warmer parts of the country. Electric is powered by 240 volt access as well as solar panels on the roof.
When he isn't driving, Rhiannon's pooches enjoy snuggling in the passenger's seat. Overhead, a hat rack stashes a wide-brimmed favorite, and a blackout shade pulls down behind the cabin to keep the rest of the bus dark.
A small hallway behind the driving cabin houses a 70-liter dometic fridge. Across the way, a handmade custom feature wall leads to the bathroom. Rhiannon has a full stand-up shower and a composting toilet, but she prefers to use surf showers and bathrooms along her travels.
Rhiannon's favorite part of the house is the kitchen, equipped with a full stove, oven and microwave. Crisp white cabinetry is topped with butcher block wood counters. Overhead, a custom spice rack and ample shelving holds cooking essentials. Since she loves cooking, Rhiannon installed a chopping block cover overtop the sink.
Behind the bedroom is the "chill out area." Below the cushion, a DIY table pulls out to hook next to the bed and stand between the two banquette seats. Each seat also has storage underneath for out-of-sight, out-of-mind items.
At the very back of the bus is Rhiannon's double bed. Hanging baskets hold jewelry, and bookshelves overtop stash reading materials and decor. Privacy blinds pop down for shade, while reading lights and fairy lighting illuminate the space.
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