Family of 5 renovates RV while living on the road. Take a tour

The Perkins family loves adventure. At the beginning of May 2020, they made a big announcement to their friends and family. After "realizing how unpredictable life can be" in this tumultuous year, they decided to downsize 90% of their possessions, move into their camper and hit the road.
The whole family agreed that it's time to focus on what's most important to them, and "to not waste time on what's not." For the Perkins family, the important things include was spending time together, traveling, and enjoying themselves, and tiny living is the best way for them to accomplish those goals.
The family's large trailer offers plenty of space for mom, dad, two corgis, sons Jayce and Eli and daughter Madison, but they all realized pretty quickly that the decor inside was rather dated. So, while living inside it, they are working hard on a complete interior renovation. Check out these pictures to see what they have done so far.
The living area of this trailer wasn't in bad shape, but the dark wood, upholstery and walls made it look more like a dark, basement man cave more than a family home. This was the first area the Perkins' decided to refresh.​
Pulling out the old couch made a world of difference. This new sofa offers plenty of room for relaxation and the splash of color it provides changes the overall space entirely. The comfy pillows they added make this seating addition look inviting and the footrest doesn't hurt either. Best of all, they painted the walls white which makes the entire RV look both newer and brighter.
This photo, taken from the other direction, again shows the dark and dismal feeling of the original interior. Everything was in good condition, but it just wasn't suitable for this bright, cheery, and active family in their new home on wheels.
Pulling out the dinette table and seating made a world of difference. This small, four-legged table looks far better and the chairs they chose are very chic. The bench seating along the window is a converted IKEA bookshelf that offers plenty of room for the children to sit during meals. This macrame wall-hanging, the bright pillows, the hanging plant, and the light-colored carpet help to make this area look open, fun, and comfortable.
Mom and dad Perkins' bedroom is small, but it's enough. However, the beige paint made it look even smaller than it is, and there was a need for some color here, too.
The white paint works great here in the bedroom, too. The colorful blanket that they chose for a bedspread and these super soft pillows help to give this area a feeling of home. The macrame wall hanging adds a little personality to the space as well.
The Perkins family did not like the old backsplash in the kitchen. Like everything else, it looked outdated and made their home look dark and somewhat dismal. Pulling it down was simple.
Fortunately, they realized that backsplashes are easy to replace. They found one in a pattern that they liked in a stick-on format. It's a wonderful improvement to the kitchen space and complements the other renovations they have completed so far.
Mom Perkins spent an afternoon crafting this lovely macrame wreath for the front door. Little touches like these are what make an RV feel less like a camper and more like a full-time home. Best of luck to the Perkins family on their ongoing renovations, and congratulations to them on choosing this fulfilling, adventurous life.