Check out the laidback interior of this school bus renovation

Alex and Kae, together with their two pit bulls, Kaya and Bubba, live
full-time in a bus that they have named Tree. The couple moved in on the same day that they bought the bus a year and a half ago.
The couple, who are based in California, regularly take trips around the country with Tree. When they are not traveling, Kae comes up with different projects for their home and Alex helps her execute them.
From its original white color, the couple has transformed this 2007 Ford E- 450 bus by tinting the exterior Botanical Green from Dunn Edwards Evershield. They used a spray painter in applying the color which made the process easier.
When you live in a bus you need to maximize every inch of the space that you have and that is exactly what Alex and Kae did. This bus is filled with all the essentials as well as a few extras. The couple’s affinity for wood is evident in the ceiling, walls and floor as well as the furnishings and accessories that are found inside the home.
Touches of nature are found throughout the home. Kae found this branch during a hike on her birthday. Not only does it serve a decorative purpose, but it also has a practical purpose as well since the branch was used to test out the countertop stain.
Having unique and quirky items in your home is a great way to show your personality. This mushroom stool mirrors the same aesthetic that can be found in Kae’s shop
Friends helped repurpose an old dresser Kae got from Mexico which was used as the frame for the kitchen workspace. They also opted for the non-traditional route of installing a solid copper sink versus a stainless steel one. The faucet has two spigots, one for reverse osmosis water filter and the other for filtered tap water. Meanwhile, meals are prepared on a 17-inch stove.
The wood theme inside the house continues with this lucky find. This hand-carved vintage drawer made from recycled wood came from India. It is where the couple stores their clothes as well as other miscellaneous items.
A substantial part of the back of the bus was allocated for the sleeping area. Windows allow the couple to gaze outside while they spend lazy afternoons hanging out in this space. Alex would usually look for movies for the couple to watch while Kae works on her art projects.
Kae’s creativity can be found throughout the house and when the time came to decide what to do with the hatchet, it was no exception. After brainstorming several ideas with Alex, they finally decided to paint directly on it, with a nature theme of course.
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