Walk inside and tour this renovated RV fit for a family of 4

Danielle, her husband and their two kids used to live in a 2200 square feet home before they got their RV in August 2019. In her Instagram stories, Danielle shared that when people asked her why their family decided to live in an RV, she said it was something she never thought they would ever do.
They wanted to sell their house though and after doing some research, she realized that renting a house will be more costly than having a house mortgage. She saw photos on Instagram of people who live in RVs and she started to explore the idea. Her dad generously offered her to park the RV in his property in California and she graciously took up his offer.
Slowly, Danielle has renovated each area in the RV to suit her family’s needs. Be inspired and take a peek into how she transformed her house into a home:
A wooden table painted blue was utilized to anchor the front steps to the RV. The original steps were given a makeover with a black and white stenciled design. The “home sweet home” welcome mat as well as the cheerful “hello” sign hanging over a basket of flowers attached to the door warmly invites visitors to enter inside.
If a family member wants to lounge and read a book or simply look out the window, he or she can hang out on the dark olive green couch which is flanked by narrow wooden side tables. But if someone prefers to watch a TV show, he or she might opt to sit on the caramel brown couch which is located directly across the flat screen TV.
Once a dark and gloomy spot in the house, the kitchen has been transformed
into a bright and cheery area thanks to a fresh coat of paint. The island, which was originally a dark shade of brown was painted light aquamarine blue while the cabinets, which were also brown, were painted white. The white subway tile backsplash complements the black accents in the room.
A large comfortable bed takes up most of the space in the master bedroom. The low white ceiling as well as the creamy-white beddings invoke a sense of peace and calmness to the space while the mirrors on the closet door make the room appear larger than it is. The patterned wallpaper provides interesting visual focus in the largely monochromatic room.
This cozy bunk room is the perfect place for Danielle’s son to rest at the end of the day. The bed was built from a piece of plywood while the mattress came from the old bed of Danielle’s son.
A simple curtain provides privacy to the space. Toys are stored in the Nordli 8 drawer dresser which Danielle bought from Ikea. She made a few modifications to it to make it fit perfectly under the bed.
Danielle shows us how mixing patterns can give a lot of character to a space. For the bathroom, she used a stencil to create the design on the upper part of the wall while subway tiles were used for the lower part. The wooden ladder found in an estate sale is used to hold a towel and a pot of greens, while vertical cubbyholes provide storage space for extra towels and wicker baskets for other toiletries.