Tour this couple's self-renovated Skoolie home using reclaimed wood

Meg and Levi are a full-time Skoolie couple who travel the country along with their dog Kiwi. The duo meticulously self renovated the space using mostly reclaimed wood. Rustic, whitewashed wood serves as a clean backdrop for subtle pops of color throughout.
When his parents aren't in the driver's seat, the captain's chair is Kiwi's preferred napping spot. She comes along as the couple explores new cities and far reaches of the U.S.
The bus's exterior sets the tone for the white and natural wood decor inside. It features crisp white paint and a solid-wood inlay trim.
A rooftop sun deck is outfitted atop the bus for lounging al fresco.
Inside, Levi built a layout to maximize every inch of space. A built-in dinette features bench seating with red custom cushions and colorful throw pillows. Behind the seating area is closet space, the bathroom, and the bedroom.
The kitchen is fully functioning with butcher block countertops, a copper sink, and a mini fridge with freezer. The couple uses a toaster oven for cooking when they aren't stationed by a campfire. A wraparound shelf offers storage in lieu of overhead cabinetry.
Original windows let in plenty of light and views over the dining area. Behind, the closet wall offers smart shelving for books and decor and plenty of room for family photos. Strip LED lighting is positioned over the windows for when the sun goes down. The couple loves potted plants to bring life and greenery into the space.
Beautiful details highlight Levi's woodworking throughout. The bathroom door features a classic moon inlay with barn-door style beams. A boho curtain hangs from a brass rod next to the shower beyond.
The couple built the shower with a corrugated steel frame and cement and stone flooring. Having a fully functioning shower and toilet was a priority for the couple so they can enjoy complete off-the-grid living.
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