Couple transforms Airstream into a place to call home

Couple Shaun and Alaina initially thought they were just going to do a few changes when they purchased their Airstream four years ago. They soon realized, however, that a lot of work needed to be done. As it turns out, that work would take two and a half years to complete. On their YouTube channel, Our Airstream Adventure, they shared the process of how they transformed the Airstream into their comfortable home.
The first thing that they did was to demolish the inside. Among other things, they ripped out the wall panels, insulation and sub-floor. Next, they made sure the frames were still safe and had some rebracing done. A professional installed the electricity in one day. The couple sealed and insulated the vehicle. Once the project was done, the couple – and their four dogs – moved in full time to the Airstream.
Maddie, as Shaun and Alaina affectionately call their home, is a 1970 Airstream Sovereign. As can be seen in their Instagram account, the couple takes a lot of trips across the country with their portable home.
Who said you need to be sitting down when you are working on your computer? This spot in the Airstream serves as Alaina’s workspace. It’s a simple piece of wood on top of kitchen cabinets.
This dining table is big enough for two people to have a cozy breakfast or an intimate dinner. The table is made from a slab of a burned Larch tree and can be repositioned several ways. The couple chose to keep the woodcut’s natural imperfection for a charming, unfinished look.
The deep-seated sink allows for plenty of space for washing dishes. Shaun custom made the butcher block countertops. Plates and eating utensils store neatly inside the cabinets.
The sleeping area is at one end of the home. A large mattress occupies most of the space in this area. The window behind the bed allows sunlight to filter in through gossamer curtains during the day.
Having a mostly white bathroom brings a feeling of calmness and peace to the room. A sliding barn door separates the bathroom from the rest of the house, bringing complete privacy.
One can catch a glimpse of the view outside through the window while taking a soak in the freestanding bathtub.

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