Take a peek into this Airstream which a couple has transformed into their own personal sanctuary

It took couple Grace Kohn and David Phinney one and half years to renovate their 31-foot long Airstream, working on the weekends. Eventually, they transformed this 1973 trailer into a home inspired by nature. Grace, who had never designed anything before this project, is happy with the way it turned out.
The first thing that they did was to gut the entire Airstream down to the frame, tearing out interior walls and the floor. New wiring and insulation provided needed updates. The aluminum panels were sanded, primed and painted. After all the initial preparation to get the trailer ready, it was time to decorate it and turn it into their home.
The couple carefully planned every square inch of the trailer to make the best use of the space. An open layout concept allows for each space to flow into another. The walls have been painted Sherwin Williams white, and cork flooring provides a durable surface with style.
A gray-colored couch with rectangular cushions and huge pillows fits snugly in the living area. Its drawers provide a place to store the solar batteries that power the trailer, as well as blankets and other items. A medium-sized window allows a glimpse of the outside world. Small potted plants and books find a home in a narrow rectangular cubbyhole right above the window.
A plank of wood flushed against the wall with a small window and a couple of round wooden stools make up the office area in this home. Add a laptop, a coffee cup and a French press, and the space is ready for work.
The kitchen boasts a stainless steel sink, an oven and an Isotherm 200 refrigerator. The simple white countertop provides space for food preparation. Custom-built wood cabinets store essential kitchen items such as plates and cutlery.
An understated bed occupies most of the space in the bedroom. The rust orange-colored bedspread adds a warm hue to the room. The floating side table is small yet has enough space to hold a slim vase with stems of lavender, a picture frame and a candle in a jar. The window right behind the bed allows sunlight to enter in the mornings.
The bathroom offers a simple yet fully functional shower. The patterned tiled wall inside the shower, created with cork tiles, catches the eye and adds visual interest to the space. A small undermount stainless sink and a composting toilet make the bathroom complete.
Resources A Grace Kuhn