Walk up the front steps and tour this cottage that is a home for all 4 seasons

A young mom of two, Stephanie Kane likes to decorate her home according to the seasons. The changing mood and tone of the seasons influence her choices in terms of color as well as accessories to enhance every room.
The predominantly white interior of the cottage serves as a blank canvas where she applies her creative bent and DIY skills. Her attention to detail is manifested in the knickknacks that decorate the nooks and crannies of this carefully designed cottage.
Several wicker baskets at the entryway serve as a convenient catchall to keep odds and ends in order. Silver hooks attached to the wall provide a home for coats and scarfs. The fiberglass door painted in Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue adds a welcome pop of color to the predominantly white room.
The attention-grabbing seven-seater gray sectional occupies most of the space in the family room. A matching square gray ottoman fills the space in front of the sofa. Evergreens on the chandelier add an element of color in keeping with winter. A clear glass display cabinet with black trim sits in one corner of the room. On the other side of the glass window, a piano dating from 1912 has been painted white to match the muted palette of the rest of the room. The rectangular glass window with a half-moon top adds an interesting architectural detail to the space.
Wood elements dominate the dining room, including the solid pine dining table that takes center stage. Six matching upholstered chairs with wooden accents continue the wood theme, as does the hardwood floor. A tray with five milk glass vases, each with greenery, serves as a table accent. The rectangular chandelier illuminates the space and lends a sense of elegance.
The mostly white kitchen contains all the essential equipment for preparing a sumptuous meal. The rectangular window right above the sink allows a view of the outside world. The large rectangular table, as well as the upholstered backless stools with wooden legs, provide dining options right in the kitchen. A floral wreath and flowers on the table bring spring into the room.
A queen-sized bed serves as the focal point of this room, and its white patterned comforter lends a sense of coziness. Evergreens scattered throughout the room set the mood for Christmas, and a red throw pillow provides a burst of color. The patterned gray rug with a white floral design contrasts with the room’s hardwood floors. Identical tables and tall mirrors on both sides of the bed give a sense of symmetry and balance to the space. The finely crafted wood chandelier hanging right above the bed is an elegant addition to the room. The walls have been painted Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray, and the ceilings painted white.
The kids’ bathroom is tiny, measuring only about 30 square feet. Stephanie replaced the original tile walls with shiplap. Two exposed wooden planks hold a few decorative items. The sign “Remember To Flush” right above the toilet adds a touch of whimsy.
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