Lady renovated this camper & made it her full-time home. Take a look inside

Lindsay King has always had a passion for travel. Last year, she took it to the next level when she bought a 2006 Itsaca Spirit and made it her full-time home. The digital nomad and lives and works from wherever she chooses.
Originally from North Carolina, Lindsay now enjoys a new view every morning, and a different one each night if she decides to move that day. Along with her two cats, Moglwi and Mouse, she has spent much of the last year exploring the American West and is having the time of her life.
The interior of her RV was showing its age when she got her hands on it, so she has been renovating it along the way.
Thanks to her hard work, it went from drab to fab over the past 12 months, and in that time it has transformed into a comfortable, welcoming and inviting home for this trio of travelers.
When Linsday purchased her camper, everything inside was original. The cabinets, countertops, interior walls and upholstery all looked very dated, and it was obvious to anyone that it was over a decade old. She got right to work on making the space brighter.
The window shades she installed look fresh and clean, and they retract all the way to let in lots of light during the day. The white curtains in the doorway are a nice touch that allows her to leave the door open to enjoy the breeze without anyone peeking in on her.
She added wood flooring throughout the camper, which was a huge and impressive upgrade that gives the space a cabin-like feel. She painted the cabinets white and replaced all the hardware. Out with the wood grain look and its gold handles and pulls, and in with a more current style relevant to the new decade. The plants over the range bring a little of the outdoors inside, and the flip-up countertop offers extra space for meal preparation.
Although this kitchen area looks great already, Lindsay considers it to be an ongoing work in progress. She admits that this is her third backsplash so far, and it might not be her last.
Lindsay was a little concerned about whether Moglwi and Mouse would adapt well to life on the road, but they love looking out all of the windows. They are very lucky cats to travel inside of this bright and airy home on wheels.
The dinette space in Lindsay's camper is super cozy and is a pleasant place to get work done in style and comfort. It is shown decorated for Christmas, but many of these soft pillows and blankets rest here all year. The accent curtains give this area of the RV a relaxed and bohemian vibe.​
Lindsay's bedroom is decorated with a minimalistic style. She brought all the decor in this room from her old home. Even though there are few decorations, it communicates a lot about Lindsay's personality and interests.
Lindsay loves this unique feature of her RV. It appears to be a large bathroom or a stoveless kitchen, but it's even better: It's a vanity in the bedroom. This area gives Lindsay lots of space for preparing for her adventures as well as oodles of storage. Few campers have this much space for these crucial things.
Lindsay and her cats are having a blast living and traveling in this now attractive, pleasant and updated camper. The transformation of this camper is an inspiration and shows what can one can do with creativity and the right mindset to get on the road and follow their dreams.
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