8 friends built their own tiny neighborhood. Take a look inside

If you had the chance to buy land with your friends and build houses next to each other, would you do it? This is exactly what four couples who were friends for 20 years did. They all wanted to live closer to nature and so they agreed to contribute financially to be able to buy a property everyone liked to build their vacation homes.
Their tiny community, just an hour's drive away from Austin, Texas, where they have their primary residences, is called the "Llano Exit Strategy" or "Bestie Row."
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The owners wanted their houses to be environmentally friendly. Each cabin has a slanted roof for collecting rainwater, which helps irrigate the nearby natural grass and wildflowers. During summer, the corrugated steel exteriors help keep heat to a minimum. The insulated windows add another measure of temperature control.
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The large windows on one side of the room enable plenty of natural sunlight to come in during the day. They also provide whoever is in the room with a view of the outside. Specifically, each cabin has unobstructed views of the nearby Llano River.
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The open bookshelt offers plenty of room for the owner's books. A long plank of wood built against the wall functions as a table. The cubbyholes right below serve as a storage space.
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The sleeping area has enough space for a couch on one side of the bed to serve as a place to relax and wind down before going to sleep. Two long wooden chairs provide additional seating. Grained plywood lines the walls, giving them a simple and clean look. The natural warmth of wood adds to the restful feeling in the space.
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The bathroom features a pure white rectangular sink as well as a standard toilet. The predominantly gray tile backsplash uses black tiles as an accent. The baskets under the sink serve both a decorative and functional purpose. Several rods have been installed to hold towels.
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Architect Matt Garcia designed the cabins. Following the trend and growing popularity of tiny homes, each measures about 400 square feet. Each house can function individually and has a porch, kitchenette, bedroom and bathrom, but the community also features a common area where everyone can gather and entertain guests. The communal area measures 1,500 square feet, includes a living room, gourmet kitchen, dining room and a guest bedroom.
One of the best friends, Jodi Zipp, told the Daily Mail that being so close to Llano River and living on Bestie Row is "like a Disney movie." It turns out that Walt Disney was right: dreams can come true.
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