Tour this spacious, luxury tiny home on wheels with high ceilings and 2 offices

Welcome to Light Haus, a beautiful, spacious, luxury tiny home with so much to offer. It was custom-designed for California couple Kevin and Anna. The pair were excited to move into a tiny house but they had some very specific needs. The first consideration was Kevin's height; most houses of this style are not ideal for people over 6 feet tall, and Kevin measures 6'3. Second, because Kevin and Anna planned to work remotely after leaving their corporate jobs, they needed two separate home office spaces.
These requirements sound like tall orders (no pun intended) for a tiny home, but designer Vina Lustado took on the challenge and created this perfect abode on wheels. The couple has lived in it for more than a year, and they continue to be as happy now as the day they moved in.
Light Haus is built on a 24-foot trailer, but once inside, it seems much larger. The nearly 7-foot clearance below the lofts really opens up the space, and the broad windows keep the space bright and airy. It's no wonder Kevin and Anna are so thrilled about their home.​
The interior is all custom made and includes many convertible features to save space. All wood is natural and without any toxic coatings or sealants such as formaldehyde. The light color also helps give the small space a larger feel.
The kitchen is full size and includes quite a bit of storage — especially for a tiny home. The wide countertop makes food preparation easy, and the double sink is large enough to wash dishes and serve double-duty for other household cleaning at the same time.
The induction stove allows Kevin and Anna to cook their food quickly and efficiently. More shelving on this side of the kitchen provides even more kitchen storage space for food and appliances.
Both offices are at the same end of the home. One office is on the main floor and one is in the loft. The office on the main floor takes up one end of the house and has doors that can close for privacy. The loft office is accessed by ladder and is open and bright. Either space could also serve as a small bedroom for guests.
The ladder used to climb to the second-story office is slim and unobtrusive. It's sturdy, but when it's not in use, Kevin and Anna forget it's even there. The shelving in the lower office is adjustable and could easily be changed to personalize the space.
Because of the pitch of the roof, the loft office has enough room for Anna to sit at a desk. The custom storage containers sit on rollers so she can relocate them as needed. The windows open outward to let in a cool breeze, and Anna can enjoy a bird's-eye view while she works.
The loft at the other end of the home contains Kevin and Anna's bedroom. To make it easier to climb up and down into bed, Vina created this unique staircase that also serves as storage space. It also serves as seating when the couple has visitors.
Each step opens on its side and offers a lot of extra, hidden space for the couple's clothing, food and other personal items.
The bedroom loft is beautiful. Custom nightstands flank the bed on either side, and a skylight and large windows light the space. At its highest, the clearance of the loft is 4'8, which means neither Kevin nor Anna can stand up completely. However, they both have at least enough headspace to move around comfortably when getting ready for bed and when getting up in the morning.
More built-in storage rests at the foot of the bed. The two wide cabinets keep Kevin and Anna's clothing organized and separated from one another.
The bathroom is luxurious, especially for a tiny house. This bowl-shaped sink and rustic spigot provides plenty of space for washing hands and faces and brushing teeth. Ample bathroom counter space allows the couple to keep their toiletries accessible.
The rain shower shower head and sleek tile in the bathroom are icing on the cake. This shower provides plenty of space for even tall Kevin to thoroughly wash his hair and body without having to crouch or lean at an uncomfortable angle.
As tiny houses go, this one comes close to being perfect, thanks to its style, high ceilings and storage space. One last detail Vina included was a small door for the couple's cat. This small thing meant a lot to Kevin and Anna and to their cat.