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Alex took a big leap of faith when she decided to buy a camper on Craigslist without seeing any photos of it first. A friend of hers drove for five hours to pick up the vehicle. With the help of her husband, Jon, and their friends, they have transformed the camper into a cozy place they now call home.
When it came to decorating, the couple drew inspiration from their travels in the West. As Alex shares, “The reds, oranges and desert vibes were inspired by our favorite states which include Utah, Arizona, South Dakota and Wyoming. Glacier National Park inspired the greens, wood and pops of blue in Montana and parts of Oregon and Washington.” The couple lives happily in their 240 square-foot space.
A neutral gray-colored, L-shaped couch is the main focal point in the living area. Several throw pillows in creams and red serve as accents. A tiny hanging plant in a wicker basket and a leafy indoor plant in a large clay pot beside the couch add a touch of greenery to the space. The laminate wood flooring is topped by a red-patterned rug, which anchors the area and sections it off from the rest of the home.
A sturdy rectangular dining table sits flush against the wall at one end of the couch. Adding character to the table setting are the long table runner and silver-rimmed ceramic bowl sitting on top of a round tray. Two molded wood chairs with metal-splayed legs fit comfortably at the table. The glass window in front allows the couple to enjoy the plants outside.
By simply changing the table accessories, the dining area quickly transforms into an office space. There's enough room for two people to work side by side. A ready pot of coffee and a mug add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the space. A planter of mother-in-law’s tongue at the foot of one corner of the table is a healthy green addition.
The predominantly white kitchen contains all the essentials one needs to prepare delicious meals. Note how the black-and-white-patterned backsplash gives a touch of elegance, whereas the wooden countertop adds a rustic feel. Several flesh-colored mesh bags hang against the wall on one side of the kitchen as storage for fresh fruit and produce.
This mattress-topped wooden bench provides another sitting option inside the camper. Two wooden side tables on both sides of the bench hold various items and provide extra storage space. A rectangular window with soft curved corners allows those inside to enjoy the view outside.​
A bed, a few pillows and a blanket are all anyone needs to get a good night's sleep, and this bedroom delivers every bit of that comfort. Cool wall art —two wooden geometric pieces hanging at the head of the bed — adds visual interest to the room. The open shelf above the bed has two wicker baskets that can be used to keep extra blankets or cozy socks and slippers.
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