This RV remodel is Joyfully Growing

When Ashley and Mike first got married in September 2013, they immediately bought a fifth-wheel trailer to live in. The trailer was a great solution to the housing crisis surrounding the North Dakota oil fields where Mike worked. The couple lived in their fifth wheel for two years and were surprised to discover they actually loved smaller living. When an apartment opened up, however, they sold the fifth wheel and moved in, and soon after, when Mike was transferred to Montana, they bought their first home.
This couple loved their new house — especially their renovations to it — but after a short while adventure called. They found themselves wishing they were back in a smaller home. Ashley and Mike wanted to be able to save more money, they wanted to live closer to their family and friends, and they wished to live more simply. They sold the house and purchased a 2005 Park Model RV, convincing friends in Oregon to let them park it on their property.
The couple plans to live in this RV for a few years while saving up for a fixer-upper home in Oregon. In the meantime, they have been hard at work transforming their 400-square-foot space into a home they can love.
What they have done is stunning. Park Model RVs are spacious because they are made to be parked rather than to travel. They do not need many of the features a mobile camper requires. Futher, Park Model RV owners can include fancy renovations and wall hangings that might not work well in a camper that moves frequently. Read on to see the sanctuary Ashley and Mike have created.
The first area they renovated was the bathroom. It's a good thing they did. It was fine, but it was dated and not very attractive.
They removed the tub and transformed it into a walk-in shower. The copper fixture made this room look as though it belonged in a high-end home, not an RV. Wood flooring was a big step up from the old carpet. White paint and some beadboard also really helped to improve the space.
The copper sink and faucet take it even a step further. This bathroom went from quite drab to very welcoming and inviting.
Having a comfortable, cozy and attractive bedroom space is vital in any home. In this area, they had a lot of open space to work with and plenty of light flowed into the room from outside.
Even with the light and space advantage, this room's renovations exceeded even the highest expectations. The wooden backboard, light fixtures, white paint, carpet and platform bed bring this room together seamlessly. The two even have some extra room for storage in baskets under the bed.
The main living space in this RV housed the kitchen, the living room and a dinette. Again, the old version wasn't horrible, and everything was in working order, but Ashley and Mike knew they could make it a lot better.
The wood floor is the first thing that catches the viewer's eye, but all of what they did to this part of their home is modern looking and very stylish. The white paint on the walls, ceilings and cabinets brightens the entire area. Removing the overhead cabinets really opens up the space too.
The couch and table and chairs that the couple chose are comfortable, functional and chic. This home is extremely inviting and provides ample room for living and for entertaining.
The renovated kitchen appears as if it should be in a country home. The copper sink goes well with the copper fixtures and sink in the bathroom. The countertops are thick and homey, and the open shelving over the sink and work area helps to make the RV feel more like a house than a camper.
Perhaps the most impressive change Ashley and Mike made to their Park Model RV was taking out this wall to create an open office space for both of them. This area was originally a second bedroom, but because it's only the two of them for now, there was really no need for it.
Just look at the wide open area created after this change. The windows are nearly floor to ceiling and really bring the outdoors inside. Ashley's desk sits at the end, where she can work on her blog and enjoy the view. Mike's desk is on the right and is a bit higher. His glass desktop is almost invisible and keeps the room from being divided further horizontally.
What this couple has done to their home is impressive. It will be the perfect abode for the two of them while they work on their goals. They have already accomplished so much; it seems that the sky is the limit for this adventurous pair.