Outdated Pilgrim trailer becomes a bright, cozy home

When Racheal Greenhaw purchased this 2005 International Pilgrim trailer with the intention of living in it, it was drab, dark, and extremely outdated. She was not deterred, though, and with her creativity, skills, and a little elbow grease, she managed to create a beautiful home for herself and her cat. Now the pair live comfortably in this 250 square foot space, and her renovated home on wheels is an inspiration to anyone interested in smaller living.
Rachael started from nothing and created a paradise that is so bright and welcoming. Check out her before and after photos below, and take note of the details; it's those little accents that certainly make all the difference.
When Rachael purchased The Pilgrim a year ago, she was excited to get started right away.
Everything inside was in good condition, it was just, well, ugly. The walls were dark and the window treatments looked even older than their true age.
The kitchen hadn't had any updates since the factory installation of the appliances and cabinets back in 2004. Everything was fine, but it certainly wasn't pretty or ideal.
The upholstery pattern on the furniture was less than satisfactory and the dinette and the overhead cabinets, while useful for storage, were reminders that this was a camper, not a home.
The bedroom was full of more dark cabinets on the walls, which made it look more like a closet than a sanctuary for sleeping.
Rachael had so many ideas and she began working to transform the space immediately. In the bedroom, she painted the cabinets, changed out the hardware, and added side tables that were perfect for the space. Her use of lighting here is also notable; it really brightens up the room and makes the bed seem very cozy and inviting.
Her bathroom renovation is lovely. Rachael's attention to detail really shines here, giving it an overall classy and polished look. The faucet, shower curtain, and oval mirror, combined with exciting teal paint on the vanity cabinet doors, make this bathroom look like it is in a well-decorated home, not a camper.​
Rachael loves to cook, so she focused a lot of her attention on the kitchen renovation. This was energy well spent. These bright blue-green cabinets really liven up this area, and make the kitchen look fresh and new. She removed the microwave and upper cabinets to make it look more spacious overhead. The red rug is a nice touch that really helps to pull together the overall homey look.
She left the countertop and sink basin alone, but she replaced the old faucet with a copper one that looks so much better.
She was a little concerned about using a smaller range and oven successfully, especially with limited countertop space. However, in time, she says she has adapted.
She removed the old, outdated dinette and replaced it with a circular table and two chairs. This is plenty of space for Rachael to eat and even to entertain a guest. She changes the table runner periodically to reflect the seasons.
To improve the living room area, Rachael removed the old, built in couch and replaced it with a smaller loveseat that looks much more modern and comfortable. She also added side tables that fit her overall design strategy and a round, pink hassock for her feet or cat to rest upon. The wood floors she installed also greatly improve the camper's overall feel; it looks more like an apartment in this photo than a camper.
The original entertainment center area was a bunch of cabinets with a hole in the middle for an old-style television. She started from scratch here by removing all of that entirely. In its place, she wall mounted her flat screen television and added shelves where she could display some small accents to express her personality. The finished result looks great.
One of the most exciting parts of this renovation, though, is actually hidden away. This camper came with a bunk room which is perfect for families when they go camping. It had two bunks behind a closed door for slumber privacy. Rachael didn't need these extra beds, so she turned the space into a walk-in closet. Here's what it looked like before:
But after the renovation, Rachael had plenty of space to store all of her clothes and shoes, and she even had enough extra space left over to use some shelves as a pantry.
These baskets are great for items that don't really belong anywhere else.​
And this two tiered set-up for her blouses, tops, skirts, and dresses allows Rachael to still enjoy a large wardrobe, despite living in a tiny space.
Rachael and her cat are quite happy in this 2005 International Pilgrim, and that's not at all surprising. The hard work that she put into this renovation has surely paid off. This camper is stunning, welcoming, and a place that anyone would love to call home.
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