In just 160 square feet, the possibilities are endless with these customizable container homes

Katalina Klein founded KUBED LIVING with the mission to create sustainable living spaces in step with the reality of modern life. That means, to truly be sustainable, homes must be able to accommodate the changing needs of homeowners. Flexible designs are able modifiable and expandable over time.
The KUBED 160 features a tiny 160 square feet of living space, but it can easily be transformed to a one-bedroom and beyond down the road. Starting at $55,000, this model boasts a full kitchen, split air and heat, and a 5-foot closet.
The 160 is available in two styles offering a front or side entrance. This side entrance features full-length French doors. Open glass panes flood the interior with light and views. Corrugated steel siding can be painted in an array of colors, or buyers can upgrade to custom exterior cladding.
The body of the home is crafted from one shipping container. The container's corrugated steel siding and steel tubular framing makes it incredibly strong but also flexible in terms of window and door placement. KUBED LIVING will construct the electrical/plumbing systems, insulation, drywall and flooring before fitting appliances and lighting. Homeowners can opt for special additions, such as this luxurious rooftop deck.
A standard layout fits every comfort of home into a micro-footprint. The full kitchen features an oven and stovetop, microwave, large basin sink and a dishwasher. The aesthetic is kept intentionally minimal so as not to overwhelm the space. A palette of white and gray keeps things neutral and modern, and cabinetry features understated hardware. The sleeping loft is tucked above a small seating area, accessible by a built-in ladder.
The options, however, are endless. Here, the design is reimagined as a modern pool house, complete with a large bar and sink area, linen storage closet and full bathroom. Contemporary bathrooms include walk-in showers encased in glass and sleek vessel sinks. Vinyl flooring offers durability and style underfoot.
Another installation could be an above-ground wine cellar. Spacious decks can be built on-site to offer beautiful al fresco dining locations. KUBED LIVING can even use a container to craft an in- or above-ground pool.
Or how about a sleek home office? Once the exterior is complete and mechanical structures are in place, KUBED LIVING will deliver the structure to its new home and permanent foundation. A forklift settles it onto the footings, modules are fastened, the kitchen and bathroom units are assembled, and appliances are installed. Welcome home!