Couple creates luxurious custom Airstream to call home on the cheap

Kristen and Siya are the adventurers and YouTubers behind Hopscotch the Globe. The couple lives full time in a 200-square-foot renovated Airstream.
Because they were creating a full-time home, the couple decided to opt for the best materials, appliances and fixtures. Plus, they decided to hire help instead of trying to tackle the project that was, admittedly, over their heads. The investment was worth it, as the couple now has a luxurious Airstream home that offers all of the comforts of a traditional house in a tiny — and mobile — footprint.
First, Kristen and Siya found a 1976 Sovereign Airstream on Criagslist for about $10,000. They enlisted help to gut the interior, remove the shell frame, take out insulation and rewire everything. After purchasing the Airstream and body work supplies, repairing the tires and covering the labor, the cost landed around $35,000.
The "chill lounge" and dining space features a custom seating area with gray cushions and a built-in entertainment system and speakers underneath. Adjustable table legs are topped with an elm table top. Gauzy white curtains can cover the large windows, which flood the room with light and openness. All in all, the space was created for about $1,800.
Blue porcelain penny tiles steal the show in the bathroom, which features a walk-in shower with bronze fixtures. The vanity features a small copper basin sink and copper faucet with vintage flair. A Nature's Head composting toilet allows for off-the-grid living. With a private sliding door, the bathroom was completely redone for about $1,800.
The kitchen is fully functional with a fridge, induction cooktop and oven. White subway tile offers a sleek backsplash above butcher block countertops and a copper apron-front sink. A rustic bar stool offers a small place to sit. Including appliances and the custom setup, the kitchen was refurbished for about $2,800.
The bedroom features a tiny house luxury: a king-sized bed with a Tuft & Needle mattress. The bed lifts up to offer storage underneath. Modern swing-arm sconces flank the head of the bed. The space is finished with a tribal comforter, so the total cost for the room is about $1,300.
Because off-the-grid living and energy efficiency is important for the couple, they had to install solar power. A Complete Go Power Solar Kit and 4x Solar batteries cost just shy of $5,000.
After other materials such as lighting, propane, paint and plumbing, the total Airstream renovation cost rings in at $54,308. By choosing quality options and not skimping on the details, Kristen and Siya now have a luxurious tiny home that cost a fraction of the expense of a traditional two-bedroom house.

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