Best tiny homes you can buy on Amazon

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Thinking of joining the tiny home movement? It turns out that saying "no" to the rat race that plagues us and choosing to live smarter allows tiny home owners to live their best lives, free of the burden of a traditional mortgage. If you have toured our list of most impressive tiny homes or our list of most accessible tiny homes, you know not to judge a home by its physical footprint.
Even better, by opting for smaller living, you are making the more economical decision. Instead of spending all your earnings on a mortgage, you can use the extra funds on pursuing aspects of life that are more worthwhile -- travel, hobbies, family, and friends. In fact, many tiny home owners no longer need to work full-time as a result of this lifestyle choice. The following list features tiny homes that can be easily assembled (i.e. most require 2 adults and a few days of work). Further, they can all be bought from Amazon.
1. Lillevilla cabin getaway
If you are seeking a cabin getaway but at a fraction of a price of a traditional home, this cabin might just be for you. The cabin features 292 square feet, along with a sleeping loft. It is spacious to be a summer house, home office, or backyard private retreat.
Add utilize hookups and the cabin can be converted to a residence. If you plan live in a colder climate, it's recommended that you put in additional insulation. The best part? Minimal tools are needed, and it requires the work of 2 adults and 2-3 days of work. For more information and to purchase, click here.
2. Sommersby
If you are looking for large amounts of natural light, this model is for you. With wide double doors, just open them up and get ready to let the sunshine in. This model is made from Nordic spruce wall planks. It's spacious enough to be used as a classic cabin or garden house.
Assembly of this cabin takes the full days with 2 adults. If you are wondering how the kits ship, they come fully crated like the above. For more information and how to purchase, click here.
Little Cottage Company
3. Colonial gable greenhouse
Not exactly a tiny home by design but can definitely be turned into a living space! Made in the USA with Amish craftsmanship, this quaint little greenhouse features a Colonial Dutch door, interior shelves, and panelized wall sections. It can be constructed on your own foundation.
Little Cottage Company
Don't you want to live here? Purchase this here.
4. Lillevilla Escape
This charming cabin is not only easy on the eyes, but it is also quite functional. Use it as additional space for your hobby, garden, pool tools, or extra storage. Turn it into a home office, guest cottage, yoga studio, or just a private backyard retreat. Whatever suits your fancy, this cabin is here for you.
This spruce cabin kit is high-quality, featuring beautiful wood grain that is also non-toxic. For more information including how to purchase, click here.

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