A couple with no prior renovation experience created this sleek Airstream home from scratch

Brandon and Gabi are the husband-wife duo behind The Foxes Photography. The couple lives and works out of a 1972 Airstream Overlander, photographing their travels and elopement weddings along the way.
When they bought their 27-foot Airstream, it was an empty shell in need of a major makeover.
They had no prior renovation experience and admitted they were in over their heads.
But after a complete gut job with lots of hard work and dirty DIY projects, the resulting space is open, airy and completely customized to their lifestyle.
Inside, new aluminum skins painted white offer a clean shell, combined with large windows and recessed puck lighting. With a focus on efficiency, each LED light uses just one watt. The space is heated by a catalytic heater that runs on propane for off-the-grid living. A wall-mounted magazine/file holder stores daily items such as laptops and hard drives.
In the kitchen, running water and a double-bowl sink offer small luxuries. The Force 10 oven was found on Craigslist. It was once at home on a boat in Massachusetts and caked with sea salt before the Foxes brought it back to life. The space features custom-built cabinets, a large refrigerator and oak butcher block countertops from Ikea.
The couple created built-in storage under the bed for bulky items such as camping gear, camera equipment, seasonal clothes and the power inverter. Across the way, a built-in dresser holds jeans and in-season clothing.
In the bedroom, a linoleum print by Hannah Dwyer takes center stage over the bed. In the headboard, a built-in phone cubby features a USB charging outlet. The couple's pup, Aiko, sleeps in his bed nearby.
Behind the bedroom, the bathroom is still unfinished. For now, the couple built a compost toilet but plans to incorporate a Nature's Head Composting Toilet down the line.
Unique pieces of artwork, sourced largely from friends, add personal flair throughout the Airstream. A large potted plant brings a pop of greenery on a built-in shelving unit.
Near the entry, the seating area is where the couple spends most of their time. They made the walnut dining table and sewed wraparound curtains with fabric from Joann's. The couple's antique camera collection flanks a bluetooth speaker. The custom banquette features storage underneath and throw pillows from Homegoods.

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