Tour the top 8+ park model RVs

Are you looking for a weekend escape to enjoy the outdoors? Or perhaps a place to call a second home? Say hello to park model RVs. One of the best things about these portable recreational trailers is just that – they’re portable. Surrounded by home comforts, your holiday home on wheels can take you anywhere at any time without the hassle of reservations or hotel bookings.
Park model RVs must be under 400-square-feet in the United States (540-square-feet for Canada). In the list below, we showcase some of the best park model RVs out there. The luxurious models have everything you'll need to call the place home. Smart, energy-efficient design, accompanied with thoughtful features and functionality, go a long way. Take a tour, and you'll quickly realize that quality living can come in small packages.
1. Step in this park model to see what 'luxury' means. Both bedrooms are stunning
The Avonmore Holiday Home by Willerby is England's version of a park model home. Willbery's site reveals that the company was founded in 1946 in the village of Willerby. It has expanded and now resides in Hull. Its site boasts, "With seventy years [of] industry experience, our extensive knowledge of the processes and dedication to detail involved in creating a quality product is truly unsurpassed."
So what sets a Willerby Holiday Home apart from other park model homes? The company strives to keep its recreational homes "green" or eco-friendly. It tries to be careful both in the manufacturing process and with the materials that go into the park models to keep its impact on the environment low. The appliances installed in them are also energy efficient. Get the full tour here.
West Coast Homes
2. Look inside: One of the bedrooms has the most ingenious queen bed
Mark Ouellette is the architect behind this gorgeous design, manufactured by West Coast Homes. This design, as many other of the company's park model, can be found at the Wildwood Lakefront Cottages resort.
The manufacturers proudly describe this 400 square feet unit as "a little bit more unique than the others." What makes this park model stand out, you may be wondering? Well, you just need to take a look at the next picture to find out. It's a gorgeous covered porch, attached to the park model and also movable with it. Get the full tour here.
Rebecca / Airbnb
3. Get a peek inside a park model with a warm wood interior and a spacious kitchen
When you're going to enjoy the great outdoors, you might think that where you stay doesn't really matter. But in reality, after a long day of trekking, hiking, boating and exploring, where you lay your head at night matters a whole lot.
You want a space that's cozy, inviting and comfortable – and this little park model is all that. With a great open floor plan, modern amenities, and access to the Merrymeeting River, Lake Winnipesaukee, and a pool, this park model has just about everything you might want. Get the full tour here.
Bob / Airbnb
4. Climb the steps to a gorgeously bright park model with the most striking countertops
A little off the beaten path, but just a few miles from shopping malls, grocery stores, and the vacation hotspots like Venice, Northport, Englewood and Gulf beaches - this Florida park model is a tiny slice of paradise.
For one, the property is part of a bigger housing community that comes equipt with a massive swimming pool and a kids splash park. But when you're not out enjoying the Florida sunshine you'll be inside taking advantage of this modern, totally renovated park model. Take the tour and see all this property has to offer. Get the full tour here.
Little House on the Trailer
5. See the care with which a daughter built a park model for mom: Both bedrooms are lovely
From our birth until our flight from the nest, a mother's love has nestled us in the warm light of hearth and home. Home is more than just a building; it's who you live with that makes it truly special, even if the residence is seasonal like it is with park model RVs. 
This home care cottage is a park model RV from Little House on the Trailer that's been spruced up with wheelchair access for the client's aging mother. Now, it's her turn to care for her mother while allowing her to retain her independence in this modified park model RV. Get the full tour here.
Athens Park Homes
6. Stay toasty in the winter with this park model's blazing fireplace
It's the quintessential charm of a country residence that makes this park model loft feel like home. The warm, rich colors seem to radiate the feeling of a cozy cottage in the woods, but its modern features will keep just about everyone happy. The A-509 Loft comes from Athens Park Homes in Rockwall, Texas. Although Athens Park Homes specializes more in rustic cabins and larger park models, this inspired park model may make the decision for anyone on the fence about small space living.
The exterior includes a spacious front porch and white trim that can be seen in many other designs, but it seems to pop out at you when placed against the background of the house's maroon paint and siding. All you need is a white picket fence, and you've got yourself a dream home right out of the pages of Country Living Magazine. Get the full tour here.
7. Sunny park model
If you're looking for a place to call home while taking a relaxing trip to the desert, you'll want to stay in this comfortable park model home. Spend a day in the crisp, clean desert air at a nearby botanical garden or hiking trail, and in the evening come back to the cozy warmth of this home away from home. Get the full tour here.
8. Marvel at the gorgeous ceilings and ultra-functional kitchen in this luxurious park model
One thing I love about cabins is the cozy, rustic feel. I've never been the sort for camping, but I could definitely manage a weekend in a cabin in some secluded forest retreat. You have every amenity you could ask for, along with a toasty warm interior (not to mention loads more leg room compared to campers).
Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins has come out with a modern version called the Urban Cabin. The base model can be configured to your liking and includes many custom options. Its modular design and spacious interior are a real treat, but just wait until you see what this model's owners have done with it. Get the full tour here.
9. Warm yourself up in the glow of an exquisite park model – the countertops are a dream
We've all dreamed of having our own log cabin at some point. The exposed timbers and warm tones of the logs are enough to make the most stoic homebuyers swoon, but there's a harsh truth about these houses – they can get a little spendy.
Thankfully, we've found a pint-sized mansion for you that will satisfy your craving for a log home. Fair Play, South Carolina is home to a custom-built park model cabin you'll be dying to get inside. With tons of updates and amenities that are better than most regular size houses, this park model steals the heart of anyone who lays eyes on it. Get the full tour here.
Suncoast Trailer Sales
10. An updated interior and spacious loft can't compare with the gorgeous kitchen in this model
Yet another brand-new park model has caught our eye. Say hello to the 2017 Fairmont Country Manor with a double loft. This shiny mini-mansion has updated features that cover all the latest park model trends.
This model can be found at Suncoast Trailer Sales, and units are selling fast! The Country Manor has a super slim design that makes fitting it into a smaller lot a breeze. Despite its small width, it's incredibly spacious on the inside. Get the full tour here.
Ozark Tiny House Outlet
12. You can live in this brand new, immaculate tiny house
Park model dealer Ozark Tiny House Outlet builds sleek one- and two-bedroom homes with an additional loft option for those seeking to downsize across the United States. Based in Arkansas, all of Ozark's homes are made to order and delivered to your lot, crafted in an array of styles including contemporary, farmhouse and rustic.
This Skyline Park model home doesn't look or feel like a camper, yet you can set it up anyplace. Get the full tour here.
13. Breckenridge park model
The 2013 Breckenridge park model is a stunning example of budget craftsmanship. With lofty cathedral ceilings and gorgeous large windows, it's easy to fall in love with this handsome unit. Get the full tour here.

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