Tour 8+ tiny homes with the most rustic interiors

Want to explore a tiny home? It turns out that clever design, multi-functional furniture, and downsizing your life to bare essentials enable most tiny home owners to live ideal American dream, free of the burden of a traditional mortgage. If you have toured our list of most impressive tiny homes or our list of most accessible tiny homes, you know not to be judge these homes by their 1,000-square-feet footprint.
From shabby chic tiny homes to bright contemporary tiny homes, there are endless interior options. In the list below, we've compiled a list of tiny homes with the most rustic interiors. In some homes, you see a lot more wood and earthy tones. For example, the homes may be lined with wooden paneling inside. In other homes, you'll find a more modern taken on rustic design. For all the homes, all visitors will immediately feel a sense of warmth and coziness once they enter these homes. Take a tour of the homes below, and get ready to explore tiny rustic living.
Wind River Tiny Homes
1. Tiny cedar bungalow's clever storage options make it as functional as a regular-sized home
The owner of the Wind River Bungalow set a goal of being debt free by the age of 30. Whatever money the husband and wife couple would have spent on rent or mortgage for a bigger home was instead put towards paying off school and car loans as well as credit card debt. They accomplished their goal of not owing a cent to anyone while at the same time having a 192-square-foot tiny home that they own 100 percent. The company can also make the bungalow longer if that's the customer's preference. 
One of the biggest benefits that tiny homeowners reap rewards from is the ability to spend more one on one time with nature. Ideally, the best tiny home designs are ones that easily mesh the forest and landscapes with the house itself which is exactly what the Wind River Bungalow accomplishes. Get the full tour here.
Heart of It All House
2. See why couple 'absolutely loves' their tiny home. The wood they used inside is stunning
Trevor Gray and Mary Benasutti of Dayton, Ohio, have built a tiny home that puts an entirely new spin on tiny living. In an interview done by Tiny House Build, Gray revealed that he was first inspired to go tiny by spotting a Facebook post from Jay Shafer. Although Gray was intrigued with the idea of going tiny, the turning point came when he spotted pictures of an elegant tiny home by hOMe. Gray and Benasutti became the first customers for hOMe plans and built most of their tiny home themselves.
Gray and Benasutti's home rests on a piece of Gray's parents' property, so they get to enjoy a beautiful rural setting which beautifully compliments the style of their home. At a total cost of $33,000, their tiny palace on wheels is a place that they absolutely love to spend time in, and at the price, they aren't slaves to their home. Get the full tour here.
3. This rocky mountain tiny home that fits 4 has everything you need
This rocky mountain tiny home has everything necessary for a perfect weekend for four in the mountains. Located in the tiny town of Fairplay, Colorado, Anita's Airbnb rental is as comfortable as it is adorable. Views from this small retreat are breathtaking, and whether guests visit in the winter, spring, summer or fall, there is plenty to do in surrounding Park County.
Anita took great care to decorate and prepare this space with guests in mind. Although it only has a small footprint, once visitors step inside, they will see the home has plenty of room for eating, sleeping, washing up and relaxing. People who live in the Denver metropolitan area will be thrilled to learn that this rental is less than two hours away from the heart of the city. Get the full tour here.
Carpenter Owl
4. Step inside a truly one-of-a-kind tiny home that even makes room for a soaking tub
The Carpenter Owl is a highly individualistic one-man shop out of central Indiana that appears to prove the point that the tiny house movement is all about confronting conformity. It seems, in fact, the further one looks into tiny homes, the more you see that everyone has a different version of what it means to pare down our primordial addiction to stuff and attempt to live a life rich in experience.
We are "living in a material world," lamented the most spiritual ex-Beatle George Harrison in the title song of his third solo album. "Can't say what I am doing here, but I hope to see much clearer after living in the material world." Get the full tour here.
Tiny Text House
5. Feast your eyes on this colorful Painted Lady tiny home's antique 1800s shower
From Tiny Texas Houses, the Painted Lady looks almost too picturesque to be real. We can assure you, however, that this tiny home exists, and not as a cartoon. The colorful exterior paint job is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the charming features the house has to offer.
This 312-square-foot Victorian is just one of the models Tiny Texas Houses — proud members of the "Rubble to Riches Renaissance" — has created. The company prides itself on using salvaged materials of the highest quality, intent on constructing homes that will last for generations to come. Get the full tour here.
6. Self-sustaining tiny home boasts the loveliest bathroom: don't miss the bathtub
Rowan Kunz has always been an independent spirit, so it should come as no surprise that she dove head-first into the daunting task of constructing her own tiny home. Since purchasing the 192-square-foot trailer in 2012, Kunz has learned valuable lessons on how to become self-sufficient, but also on when to ask for help.
In an interview with Hudson Valley Magazine, complete with incredibly detailed photos from Ken Gabrielsen, Kunz provides a tour of her self-sustainable, off-the-grid tiny home. For a more in-depth look at each step of the process, be sure to visit Kunz's blog, Rowan's Tiny Home. Get the full tour here.
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
7. Go spacious with a tiny home that sleeps up to 6 and is full of clever storage options
It is safe to say that anyone well-versed in the tiny home movement knows the name of Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. With its headquarters in Sonoma, Calif., and a factory in Colorado Springs, Colo., the company has been cranking out tiny homes since 1999, which puts it at the forefront of a radical home market that embraces an earth-friendly, experiential lifestyle.
This home called the Roanoke is one of four models in Tumbleweed's pioneering lineup. This model is available in 20-foot and 26-foot models with usable space of 188 square feet to 292 square feet. These are RV-certified travel homes that sleep up to six individuals. They also feature a spacious feel, thanks to the 10-feet tall ceilings above the kitchen and living rooms. Take a look at this design. Get the full tour here.
8. See why this A-frame cabin is the perfect rustic retreat
Get out and enjoy the great outdoors in Antimony, Utah, then come back to this stunning property to rest your tired feet. This A-frame is the perfect retreat because it sits on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by mountains, rolling plains, and bright blue skies.
Inside you can enjoy all those views from the stunning wall of windows while you sit in the open living space warmed by a fireplace. The space is open, lofty, modern, and rustically cozy - everything you want out of a getaway in the countryside. Take the tour and see this beautiful property for yourself. Get the full tour here.
9. See the rustic elegance and unique vintage touches of this container home's living room
This hillside container home looks so scenic it may have come out of a book of Australian fairy tales. Located in Tasmania, the one-bedroom, one-bathroom, eco-friendly home features a rustic yet contemporary feel with an added perk — a bathtub that's outside!
Located near gorgeous vineyards, the home sits on farm property, which includes pigs, sheep and chickens. Serene, relaxed and unique are just a few words that come to mind when you visit this amazing container home that feels so far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As you step into the home, you'll be swept away by the funky, fun and eclectic decor, including recycled wood walls and shelves. A wood fire keeps evenings cozy and warm. Get the full tour here.
Custom Container Living
10. The gorgeous kitchen takes the cake in this recycled shipping container turned tiny home
Have you ever pictured your dream home? If so, do you have a clear picture of it? With the tiny home movement being as popular as it is, there's a very strong desire for individuals to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the trend and adopt tiny living as a way of life. But at the same time, wouldn't it be nice to live in a lovely rustic cabin by the lake? It's a tough decision to make, but a new tiny home company is coming up with ideas that may just allow you to have your cake and eat it too.
Lon Holden and Robert Wagoner, from Missouri-based Custom Container Living, were willing to reveal the secrets of one of their latest creations with us: A lovely rustic cabin made out of a repurposed shipping container, pictured below. Part recycled tiny home, part countryside getaway, this home may just be the answer to a lot of hesitations people may have about one thing or the other. Get the full tour here.
11. Gorgeous 750 sq ft cabin's most impressive secrets await behind its open door
With only 750 square feet, you might expect this little carriage house, tucked away in the hills of Berkeley, Calif., to feel cramped. But step inside, and you'll discover a home fully equipped with every amenity, a bedroom with a walk-in closet, and a sizable deck area for relaxing.
The carriage house, nicknamed The Cubby, once belonged to renowned architect Bernard Maybeck. Also a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, Maybeck designed many of the most well-known buildings in the Bay Area, including San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts and Berkeley's First Church of Christ, Scientist, which is considered to be his masterpiece. Get the full tour here.
12. Tiny home's cool vintage furniture has fans saying it's their 'absolute favorite'
It's called the Rustic Modern Tiny House, and it's so charming inside and out that it's been featured on the television show "Tiny House Nation."  Situated in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Ore., it combines the colonial feel with modern-day amenities rarely seen in homes this size.
The beautiful tiny abode is a bed and breakfast run by the builders and owners, Michael Papillo and Jenny Yee. In order to build it, Papillo and Yee remodeled their garage, repurposing wood from an old shed and using salvaged materials from high-end construction sites. Get the full tour here.
13. Shepherds Hut Retreat
People love the idea of tiny homes, but many may not be sure about moving out of their full-sized abode for the small structures. To get an idea if tiny living is right for you, taking a vacation to Shepherds Hut Retreat in Somerset, England, may be just what you need to help you make the decision.
According to Shepherds Hut Retreat, the place is located in South West England. Four huts are set up so that visitors can capture views of country animals and scenery and enjoy the tranquility of getting away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Get the full tour here.

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