This couple lives full time in a renovated Skoolie with their large family of fur babies

Adam and Rachel are the duo behind Soulful Bus Life, where they document life in Luna — a converted 1999 Blue Bird school bus. The couple travels full time in their renovated Skoolie with fur babies Oakley, Sibyl, Piper and Serious Black (a dog, cat and two bunnies, respectively).
By doing most of the work themselves, the couple was able to completely customize Luna to their lifestyle. They repurposed original components by reworking the bus's plastic lights as built-in LED lights and using knobs from the front electrical panel as unique light switches.
Near the entry, a small coat closet holds jackets as well as pet harnesses and leashes. Next to the driver's seat, a small shoe cubby keeps footwear out of the way. The couple used an extra piece of walnut from a friend's house to create a custom dashboard that can hold plants and collectables. Adam replaced the original driver's seat with one from his old Volkswagen. Above the driver's console, a built-in bookcase and sound system make use of every inch.
Behind the driver's seat, a comfy built-in bench offers a place to relax. Rachel and Oakley typically sit here to take in the views while Adam is driving. Storage is built into the back and bottom of the bench. The solar converter is also stashed underneath, so the couple included a vent to keep the air flowing. The front of the bus features hardwood floors the couple made themselves by cutting plywood into planks.
Behind the front seating area, Adam and Rachel separated the closet and bathroom area by small partitions. One one side, Adam's closet hangs shirts and cubbies hold shoes and smaller items. Across the way, a curtain offers privacy for the composting toilet area. The couple built their own composting toilet instead of spending more than $1,000 on a pre-made option.
Next to the toilet is Rachel's closet and a full 32-inch shower.The back half of the bus features a carpeted living/kitchen area. A roomy pantry holds food items and the cat's litter box. A full-size refrigerator sits next to extra counter space and storage.
The couple scored their large basin sink from a warehouse clean-out sale and paired it with a $20 faucet. Underneath, the water filter and hot water heater offers comforts of home. Built-in drawers hold dishes and pet bowls while recycling and trash cans slide out from under the counter. Above the sink, a roomy shelf neatly stashes linens and extra towels. A single countertop burner and camp chef oven handle the cooking duties.
Adam custom built the dinette area. The tabletop lifts off if the couple wants to use it in bed for a movie or game night. The seats open up for storage underneath. On nice days, the couple opens the emergency exit door to enjoy dinner with a view.
At the very bottom of the storage area, a built-in bunny hutch is home to Piper and Serious Black. Carpeted flooring is ideal for them to explore the bus, as well as for senior dog Oakley's joints.
A large TV is installed in front of the bedroom on a rotating mount so the couple can watch a movie both in the kitchen or in bed. A king-sized bed takes up the width of the bus. The bed's platform lifts up to accommodate two water tanks below. Above the bed, a built-in shelf creates a cozy book nook.

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