This 31-foot house, with a large kitchen and full-size tub, feels anything but tiny

Tiny home pros Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses are no strangers to custom builds. They created this off-the-grid tiny house for a father and son in upstate New York. For now, it serves as a vacation getaway in the Catskill mountains, but the father plans to retire and live there full time sometime soon.
The gooseneck design is called "Otsego," meaning "place of rock" in the language indigenous to the Catskills. The company started with structural insulated panels so the home could withstand harsh winters in the cold locale.
In the kitchen, a Colorado Cylinder stove heats the entire house, and a propane RV furnace offers a small backup. The countertops are crafted from red oak, complete with a large single-bowl sink and ample cabinet storage. The kitchen also houses a 10 cubic-foot fridge, full oven and stove, and a sleek white range hood.
The dining table features a custom leaf that can slide out to seat six for dinner. When not in use, the extra leaf neatly stashes behind kitchen cabinets. Stairs leading up to the living room feature built-in storage underneath.
This angle looks to the rear from the gooseneck, which serves as the living room. To the right, a large built-in red oak couch features storage below. Across the way, a large picture window boasts a beautiful mountain view. Throughout, floors wear a warm finish that complements blonde wood-panel ceilings.
A custom storage staircase leads up to the sleeping loft, which is roomy enough to hold a king-sized bed with space to spare. The stair treads and flooring are crafted from red oak.
A tiny home rarity, the full-size bathroom houses a large bathtub with sliding glass doors. A large vanity in clean white features a small basin sink and faucet. Across the way, a closet holds a 55-gallon water tank and on-demand propane heater.
The bathroom features a Separett Villa composting toilet next to the shower/tub area. The building company left space in front of the toilet for the homeowners to add shelving or storage. Honeycomb tile floors complement sleek white subway tile on the walls. Above, a stainless steel frame creates the sleeping loft.
The exterior showcases the shed on shed roof design, meaning the central portion is sloped steeper where height is not needed. Over the lofts, shallow sheds provide additional head space. The home features a 1.4kw Photovoltaic solar system for complete off-the-grid living.

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