Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses reimagined two designs by fellow tiny home lovers for this unique model

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses created this sizable tiny home for a military couple who wanted greater financial stability as wall as the ability to move wherever they are stationed — and take their house with them! The couple enlisted Rocky Mountain to create a home that combined two designs by fellow tiny house lovers Shedsistence and the Tiny House Lab.
Of course, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses added unique elements of its own to create a one-of-a-kind design, the Wanderlust, perfectly customized to this family. The structure was built atop a 8'4" x 24' trailer. Rocky Mountain created a 30-degree vee nose a la Tiny House Lab then applied a longitudinal asymmetrical gable similar to Shedsistence.
In other words, the design created a front-to-rear shed roof with a ridge break and beaver tail at the rear. This created additional storage on the tongue (usually wasted space) and improved aerodynamics. Rocky Mountain reports the trailer pulled wonderfully on its 973-mile journey to its new home. This was especially important since the couple predicts they may be relocated frequently. By using drop axels, the builders were able to create a 14-inch platform above most of the primary floor, creating additional space for storage and to hold large water tanks for off-the-grid living.
Inside, the highlight of the kitchen is the dark blue clay-fired apron sink. There is also a 24-inch gas range with a modern stainless steel range hood. Plus, a bottom-freezer fridge and a washer/dryer combo equip the home with all of the comforts of a traditional house.
Two steps from the main platform lead to the living space, which features a spacious couch with storage underneath. The couple asked Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to complete as much as possible within a $67,000 cap. Rocky Mountain left some final tasks, like finishing the wood and creating sofa cushions, up to the homeowners to stay within that budget.
The loft features a spacious footprint and large skylight to fall asleep to the stars and wake to the sun. There is ample room for a queen-sized mattress and enough headroom to sit up in bed. Natural wood creates a rustic look on the flooring and window trim.
Custom stairs leading up to the loft include built-in storage cubbies. The homeowners are outdoor enthusiasts and have lots of gear, so Rocky Mountain created lots of additional storage in the home and under the main platform.
At the opposite side of the home, a partition separates the bathroom from the gear closet on the front of the trailer. A 42-inch shower enclosure is roomy for a tiny home, and Rocky Mountain included a small window to keep the space feeling open. There is also a Nature's Head composting toilet for off-the-grid living.
Reclaimed barn wood offers a sleek mount for a small vessel sink. Stainless steel fixtures complement metal exposed pipes for an industrial look.
Constructed from SIPs (structural insulated panels), the house is easy to heat and cool — even if the couple gets stationed in a harsh climate. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses installed a Lunos E2 heat recovery ventilator that both offers healthy fresh air while recovering heat energy.

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