Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses created a sleek shell, and hardworking homeowners did the rest

In 2011, Greg Parham wanted to live the tiny house lifestyle but didn't have the budget to make the leap. So, in 2013, he founded Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to fund his dream and never looked back. Today, he helps others do the same by creating affordable tiny houses for buyers on a budget.
That was exactly the case for a Fort Collins family who wanted to build a 20-foot Front Range model as a vacation home for land they owned in the mountains. They had a limited budget but were willing to put in some labor of their own to finish up the home. Rocky Mountain created a beautiful shell that would be perfectly at home in its mountain location.
Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
Rocky Mountain created a "3/4" shell for the client by creating a stick frame structure atop a custom trailer. Then, the company installed windows, a metal roof, siding and an exterior door. Next, workers wired and spray-foamed the structure and finished the interior with plywood walls. Outside, vertical metal siding complements horizontal wood panels and cedar shakes — a Rocky Mountain signature look. ​
The interior features cork flooring and beetle kill ceilings and wainscot. Rocky Mountain installed a closet and partitions for the bathroom area behind the kitchen. Horizontal barnwood panels offer a farmhouse-style accent with an unfinished look.
The homeowners finished the kitchen with a small basin sink and cooktop. Butcher block countertops complement minimal white cabinetry. Smart shelving holds spices, coffee cups and cutlery. Windows on either side of the home flood the space with light and views.
On either side of the kitchen, two L-shaped lofts built by Rocky Mountain are crafted from beetle kill wood and steel tubing. On one side, brackets installed on the closet form an easy ladder. A steel tube and wood ladder offers access to the second sleeping loft, situated above a cozy seating area.
A small woodstove installed by Rocky Mountain heats the home. After working for a few months themselves, the clients now enjoy their vacation oasis tucked in the woods. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses created the shell for the customer for just $33,000 and says it could create the finished model for about $45,000.

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