Ol’ Berthoud Blue is one of the most charming tiny houses ever created

This house, named Ol’ Berthoud Blue, is proof of how with professional help there is a solution to a project that seems hopeless. Alden, the owner of this tiny home, originally wanted to build the entire house. She attended seminars, bought a trailer and started working on her home.
After a while, she realized that she needed help, and Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses came to her rescue. The owner deconstructed the house she had been building and sent all the materials to Rocky Mountain’s office in Colorado. Two months later, Alden got her unique tiny home.
A deep blue front door welcomes visitors into this trailer home. Blue is the dominant color that leads the viewer’s eye from the exterior into the interior of the house that displays a lot of the blue stain color palette.
Items that serve two or more purposes are advantageous in tiny homes. For instance, the custom-built dining area consists of a table and two fabric covered chairs that convert into a 6-foot bed.
Across from the dining area is the kitchen, which has stainless steel countertops and cabinets from Ikea. The beetle kill pine flooring and ceilings give the space a homey vibe.
The large cedar tub with custom-built shower rod is the centerpiece of this room. Directly opposite are the off the wall shelving brackets that the owner can move if she wants to. The exposed steel beams contrast nicely with the wooden ceilings. A composting toilet sits in its own small room.
The stairs leading to the loft matches the rest of the wood elements in the house. It can also serve as a storage space because each step can contain a few small items.
A king-sized bed can fit in this loft. The space is equipped with a full surround sound stereo system with a projector. A skylight, as well as several small windows, lets in sunlight during the day.
This bird’s eye view of the interior of the house shows how, with careful planning, a tiny home doesn’t need to feel cramped.

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